Cruiser Chat 11-10-12

[cruiser] gm all. Wow. Everyone is worried about this Terri K post. It must have been a good one.

[vrandyshell] cruiser mbd4049 maybe he’s been gagged and tied now!

[mbd4049] vrandyshell we could only hope rofl

[vrandyshell] mbd4049 check all the closets for TK :He’ll be the one hog tied

[2mater] cruiser it’s his usual hype – – it’s mostly all about the VND rather than the IQD

[Ribeye] 2mater cruiser maybe the VND sales are down by the brokers! lol

[cruiser] 2mater so that is why everyone is worried about the vnd going and the iqd not going now. What a line of crap.

[weneedit] cruiser thats what I think, it’s almost like double dipping

[cruiser] weneedit we can only be so lucky. Lol

[weneedit] cruiser ya not me, but that is why I do see them going together

[calibeach] cruiser I know you think it’s out of Iraqs hands but what about Maliki and the power sharing? Is that all smoke?

[cruiser] calibeach it is all a distraction. If you follow Iraq and the news coming out of there, you might as well invest in advil. Your head is going to hurt alot. Lol

[xyz] cruiser tylenor is stronger than advil :

[cruiser] xyz then you through the vnd stuff in and you will have to take both roflmao

[kids] cruiser Good morning –any new news?

[cruiser] kids gm nah still broke

[2012jesus] cruiser what you see with the markets and the world ,,just your opinion do you think before the first of year

[cruiser] 2012jesus IMO yes, but it is not worth that much.

[cruiser] 2012jesus i thought we should have seen this months ago. Never thought we would still be hear discussing when.

[Ribeye] cruiser i think many of us have underestimated just how much abuse the ptb are willing to inflict on the minions

[cruiser] Ribeye they are having a good time with this. lol


[marmeysue] Hopefully, not much longer. You know it is true when the gurus say the world needs this. All countries are so on the verge of going under with the debt they carry. So, I believe with O speech about trying to pass that 250,000. tax on income that was about us. What do you all think.

[kids] marmeysue exactly..thus rv before end of year

[MTDinar] marmeysue i don’t think we are a blip on anyone’s radar. I think the money grab is what it is…we will just be a added benefit…

[marmeysue] MTDinar That is a good point. I think if you have 10 million people in the us with Dinar it could generate a lot of taxes especially what he is trying to get passed.

[mbd4049] marmeysue I think you are correct, so I’m thinking it could be Jan so we will have to pay the 43% tax in the obamacare bill

[2mater] Personally I can’t imagine (hope I’m dead wrong) that if there’s a chance for the government to raise and/or implement any kind of new tax that will be effective January 1 – where they will get a bigger piece of this – my money’s on the side that says we won’t see this until year end.

[Ribeye] cruiser they are gambling. will soon pass the ‘point of diminishing return’ and loose it all to the minions.

[cruiser] Ribeye the problem with gambling is that you eventually lose.

[2012jesus] obama wants revenue ,,,,how can he get that by the Rv and we spend spend. buy cars ,clothing ,houses,etc, will help the usa by spending

[2012jesus] buy cars ,clothing ,houses,etc, will help the usa by spending

[mbd4049] mbd4049 ergo the 43% as of Jan, 2013

[mbd4049] 2012jesus above was meant for you grin

[masterT] That is one thing TK has said that makes since…

[marmeysue] mbd4049 It is a lot of taxes…

[2012jesus] mbd4049 even if they RV now we all wiill pay the taxes next year so it does not matter

[kids] well as of now…if greater than $250,000 it is only 2% of population..thus only billions return…not trillions to take down debt

[marmeysue] kids Yes, but think of the amount many, many dinar holders have. It could generate many 100’s of billions if not trillions

[kids] I think things are still attempting to line up—like LaGarde said some are holding this up…intentionally and nonintentionally

[cruiser] Oh. My now we are talking baskets again. lol

[2012jesus] i will pay 43% in taxes ,,,, just want the Rvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv NOW

[mbd4049] 2012jesus yes it does, you can’t be taxed twice on the same money — once you pay taxes on our investment you will only be responsible for any interest income on that money

[okrocks] the vnd was given permission to rv long ago but they chose to wait hoping for an iqd rv because they would get a higher rate… so will they wait or not seems to be the question… or so I have heard…

[whitelions] okrocks thats what poppy said but like all gurus we take it whit a GRAIN OF SALT

[deb2blessed] I am really not a TerryK follower…but it seems to me he was just saying that watching Vietnam might be an indicator for what is happening with the iqd since they are supposed to be in the same basket.


[xyz] Europe’s politicians seem to have already decided to continue funding Greece, European Central Bank policymaker Jens Weidmann was quoted as saying on Saturday.

[xyz] yes its …no its not …where have i heard before? lol … Iraq denies cancelling $4.2 bln arms deal with Russia over ‘corruption concerns’

[xyz] Negotiations over next year’s EU budget have collapsed after a dispute between member states and the European Commission over a shortfall in the 2012 budget. The only agreement Friday was for (euro) 670 million in aid to Italian earthquake victims, but not how to fund it.

[mbd4049] barb FYI was reading in recaps that TK I think said VND would be around $.76, he could be closer than anyone else is speculating; everyone should read recaps this morning just sayin’. sometimes he does have a little bit of good info jmho

[1biz4u] mbd4049 gm I wonder why they remove TK posts?

[mbd4049] 1biz4u one of two things, he’s close OR it would not sit well with the PTB grin

olesailor] mbd4049 terryk was removed .he is not speculating, he is reporting what is essentially in the news

[MTDinar] he also mentioned that the news out of veitnam is more trustworthy than news out of Iraq. Finally some info from TK that makes sense. Maybe he really did get to close to the head of the nail…just maybe…Hopin and wishin

[mbd4049] MTDinar well, they will be going together, the VND will not be over $1.00 (just sayin’) and we are close, how about that????? Rofl

[Rocky49] MTDinar For what it is worth I have read that the Central Bank in Vietnam has stated a couple of times that it expects an RV this quarter. No rates or dates

MsDiva] Rocky49 it could be 2013 for Vietnam too you think

[MTDinar] mbd4049 sorry was helpin the wife make bannana bread. i like your comment to me! Woot!!!! I never expected the VND to go over a Dollar. I was prepping for .2-.5 .10 would make me estatic…..anythign over that……..Whoa buddy

[mbd4049] MTDinar that’s what I’m hearing


[peganded] 11-9-2012 Newshound Mike Lots going on – Parliament is trying to take control over what they have control over, they are trying to do things constitutionally…they are taking full advantage of this and passing laws and passing the Commissions…and Maliki is just having a fit about it. Today one of the things that happened which was very interesting was… they passed the regulation to allow Iraq to have international banking…so folks, important things are getting passed – don’t think that things are not getting passed during this time when Shabibi is not there – They had 217 show up to Parliament today in the House and they are feverishly passing things at this point in time that are affecting how this government is going to operate in the future.

[Precious] international banking? then no chapter 7 and we have an rv

[Mitzi] Precious I pray you are right Gal

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