Cruiser Chat at Intel4u 10-4-12

Oct 4 8:34 AM [Rocky49] BBL got to go to a rat killing. I am checking traps I set out in the storage shed. I will be back with a count.

Max says, “Rat killing? I’d leave the house to check that out…cool”.

Oct 4 8:34 AM [berdu] gtg work awaits I hope this is our day because things got very hairy at work yesterday-yelling and threats to quit from others. No fun there.

Oct 4 8:36 AM [Princess M] Good Morning please sit back with your seatbelt tight…this rollercoaster ride is not over yet but do feel we are going to pull into the station very soon……GO RV

Oct 4 8:36 AM [Stitch] Bloom Properties signs cooperation agreement with Iraqi Ministry of Construction and Housing at Cityscape Global 2012 ··· i-314039

Oct 4 8:37 AM [stoner2] Princess M Whooohooo

Oct 4 8:38 AM [Princess M] stoner2 :whoohoo:

Oct 4 8:38 AM [Stitch] Breaking News—-Talabani meets al-Maliki. ··· Q=GDLHDI

Oct 4 8:39 AM [whitelions] Stitch ty great links

Oct 4 8:40 AM [Stitch] whitelions ty but credit goes to mbillions for her morning research!!

Oct 4 8:40 AM [bamanana] Princess M I hope so! I’m so ready to get off this crazy ride and party with all of you!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 4 8:42 AM [bamanana] Someday I want to be able to say THANK YOU in a special way to all the MODS who have been so good to all of us!

Oct 4 8:43 AM [cruiser] GM all. I would like to thank everyone. I feel honored to have met a lot of great people, who are going to do wonderful things. I am fortunate to be in the presence of some many who believe. No matter what the obstacles each and every one of us has had, we are all still here.

Standing, fighting to get to the next level. Yes I understand that we are still in the waiting phase, but I am encouraged that we are ready to take the next step. “The Receiving”. Please be extremely cautious.

There will be many people that will be coming after you. Remember the word “Private”. Protect what you have worked your backsides for. You are all wonderful people and will all do, exactly what you have said you will do. Together we will make a difference. Thank You for letting me be a part of this wonderful group!!! Please enjoy the day. I will be back on later.

9:13 AM [musiccitylady] what do we know this morning? did smart cards really go out yesterday in Iraq? fact or rumor?

9:15 AM [Stitch] CBI: “Iraqi Dinar’s price recovers against US Dollar” http://www.alliraqnews.c ••• temid=41

9:15 AM [cruiser] ECB Holds Rates as Inflation Offsets Growth Concerns:

9:16 AM [cruiser] Weekly Jobless Claims Edge Higher; Progress Still Slight:

9:17 AM [kids] cruiser Have u been able to confirm the use of smart cards?

9:17 AM [cruiser] Bank of England Keeps Bond Buying Plan Unchanged:

9:18 AM [cruiser] kids do not have any

9:19 AM [kids] everything in the media appears status quo

9:19 AM [rustyc] Ok just to verify someone send me your smart card so I can confirm they are out! :rofl:

9:19 AM [captaincaveman] Cruiser not surprised. Think the euro will sell off against the dollar?

9:20 AM [somethings gotta give] rustyc If you will just send me your Dinar so I can do the same.

9:20 AM [cruiser] rustyc are they out. YES!! are they usable is the question.

9:21 AM [musiccitylady] I am just so hopeful that we really are “there” now! I am concerned that they may have been sent out, but not activated yet.

9:21 AM [rustyc] somethings gotta give well I tried not very good at the fraud thing

9:21 AM [somethings gotta give] rustyc Can’t blame us for trying.

9:21 AM [cruiser] musiccitylady They were sent out in July. That is why everyone was so excited back then.

9:22 AM [kids] Has any of the iraqi news indicate their use?

9:22 AM [musiccitylady] cruiser welll, maybe now they can use them. How will we be able to get this verified?

:23 AM [weneedit] everyone! Lets hope we get more confirmation today. You would think after 24 hrs we would. mods

9:23 AM [cruiser] As far as Iraq goes. They are done. Period. All of the requirements have been met. HCL done. Erbil Done. MEK group done. Kuwait issues done.

9:24 AM [cruiser] musiccitylady Just have to take people’s word for it.

9:24 AM [kids] cruiser are you saying it’s just the PTB?

9:24 AM [musiccitylady] cruiser yes

9:24 AM [weneedit] cruiser thanks for the good post on recaps and the words here

9:24 AM [cruiser] kids could be.

9:25 AM [Readynow] cruiser have they been done for awhile, or just now?

9:25 AM [cruiser] Readynow for a while and we now have news articles to prove it

9:25 AM [musiccitylady] xyz ok, still waiting patiently

9:25 AM [kids] cruiser have you heard any passing of executive orders in relation to ce?

9:26 AM [cruiser] kids public knowledge, if true.

9:26 AM [kids] cruiser rumors..can’t substantiate

:27 AM [cruiser] kids Executive orders? they are public knowledge once passed.

9:27 AM [andisgram1] Kids what EO?

9:27 AM [cruiser] andisgram1 executive order

9:28 AM [kids] cruiser heard rumors…but can’t find…maybe my answer

9:28 AM [andisgram1] I know what EO is which one?

9:28 AM [Princess M] cruiser can anyone force PTB to get it done….IMF, BIS or GOD????

:28 AM [cruiser] kids then it is not true.

9:29 AM [kids] andisgram1 executive is president

9:29 AM [cruiser] andisgram1 sorry.

:29 AM [cruiser] Princess M do not think they are the issue.

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