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goat in bavariaHello Everyone, Greetings from Bavaria,

You are all brilliant people and I commend you for looking at the glass half full rather than half empty.

It is sometimes hard to take the road not taken. I do notice that there are some who still come on the site and insist on making waves. I say bring on the evidence and lets all look at the opposing arguments and give constructive viewpoints. When you challenge them there is never any reply back

I do not know why some still think this is a conspiracy in telling the truth or why they cannot see what is right in front of their noses. Maybe since they have been hearing otherwise for so long they cannot step out and see the facts?

Iraq as you may be reading is once again getting close to a civil war. They need this RV since it has tremendous implications on the money laundering, ending most of gov’t corruption and issues with support to Syria (can’t go into details with this).

It also starts the 30 day clock for Maliki since he has agreed to leave office 30 days post RV. I think they are trying to kill multiple birds with one stone….lol…

I wanted to come on today and post some news that I just received. I hesitated to even give you this news since it is senstive. I was trying to find a way to tell you.

What I am about to tell you may shock you.

Here is something that just came in so I will share with you.

There is a timeline to get this RV international through the channels they are attempting now. I can assure you there is the utmost of urgency.

There is also a plan B coming up soon that may take the $3.44 (or some starting rate a bit higher) international and just let got on a float.

Personally I think they will pop it out at around $5.25.

They are now thinking about doing this outside of the global reset.

I know this may sound weird and believe me when I heard it I too was shocked and could hardly believe they would even consider this as a viable option.

But it is what I am now hearing and its coming from two very good sources. There are good reasons for it.

They have not decided as of yet so don’t get too excited. They have not yet set this date but I am told they are having a meeting this week to discuss all the options as to how they will progress further.

I do not know of any other options. Perhaps some of you may have. Can you share with us all? The fact that the meeting is this week tells me how close we really are and the urgency.

Status of current process

The integration with all the exchanges now looks good, CIX seems to be working and is running all the way through, banks seem to be getting correct rates but occasionally they still are finding bugs and have to fix a bug and retest but the bugs are less severe as time goes on and perhaps becoming more acceptable to go into production with.

They are planning one more final fully integration test all the way through today and if it is satisfactory they may let it go.

If they have more severe bugs again they may hold off and decide what to do next.

It could be plan B ?

Like some keep saying – when will they finally stop and just let it go and deal with the smaller issues as they come once its live?

I think they have reached that point.

This week they will make a decision to let it go or go to plan B and deal with the full global reset of 190+ currencies at a later date but not too far behind. It will still be urgent.

This is of great significance since and RV without the other currencies to me seems worthless as helping with the global reset but I’ll take it anyday…lol….but there are good reasons for maybe going stag.

Later they could always implement the new process after getting it cleaner but in the meantime they could get Iraq international and at least address some other issues too. I do not have all the details.

I look at the current situation this way – getting this RV done through the global reset is a bottle neck. We all can agree on this – right?

They have been attempting to get this done since the beginning of this year.

The original project since then has expanded ten fold. Like a funnel, there are so many other events relying on passing through this funnel and being implementing once the RV of Iraq currency is done. Nothing else can flow through the funnel until this is done.

It is like a huge gamble they took to do this and do it in a timely manner. Can they pull this off? We are seeing now maybe they bit off too much at once.

I know I will take lots of heat for this post and bringing this recent news but sometimes the truth is hard but I thought you would want to here it before any confusion comes.

I also want you to know this is a very dynamic situation and so I am not taking a flip flop on anything I previously said. Just giving you the recent news. Keep the glass half full !

You do want the news don’t you? You all said you can handle it….lol…

Peace and Luv to ya,
mnt goat

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