Desertdog Ray and SteveI Chat 9-21-12

Max says, “Yo Desertdog! Bring it brother. Bring it!”

[SteveI] Hey guys, Ray and I are on line and we need you all to stop typing and we get questions.
[naplesnurse] Ok Steve! Take it away guys!
[SteveI] All, stop typing.
[SteveI] Ray and I are on line to answer questions.
[Hawkster] desertdog hey dog
[hopesway] desertdog Hello!
[SteveI] Lets try and and keep this simple. Questions please.
[nanab] desertdog hello
[doctimm] Have they had the national convention
[desertdog] No not yet. Talabani will be announcing that in about two day.
[naplesnurse] do you think the HCl has been passed or voted on?
SteveI] Ray will share.
[desertdog] I’m not sure about the hcl, I have seen articles and heard things both ways.
[[SteveI] Ray, what about the oil between the Kurds
[BluGuyHoldingHisBreath] desertdog what question are you wanting us to ask so that you can flabbergast us with that information?
[F & LA] SteveI What are they saying on the street in Iraq about the coins and the RV?
[SteveI] Blue ask away
[doctimm] Have the Kuwaits and Iraqi exchanged prisoners?
[desertdog] There was an agreement between Iraq and Kurdistan about paying the oil companies in Kurdistan by Iraq. That was a huge agreement/

[SteveI] F & LA ray will comment
[SteveI] I type faster
[SteveI] (rofl)
[desertdog] The coins will be distributed along with the currency after the rv is made public.
Phantom] Did Shabibi ever hold a public announcement on the 15th regarding when the currency would be done? and the rv?
[annabanana] We have all heard things both ways also. Is there anything you know or have heard that we haven’t?
[BluGuyHoldingHisBreath] SteveI there is a lot of hate in the Middle east aimed at the U.S., is this detrimental to what we are looking for?
[SteveI] Yes, Shabbibi did not go on TV, but Salah did, and Ray will explain more.
SteveI] Ray is typing
[SteveI] I am on the phone with Ray live.
[desertdog] Saleh made the annoucement on the 15th explaining that the replacement currency had to be printed first before they would announce another rv date.
[SteveI] Any other questions
BigAl] What stage are we at with the SFA? Seeing some signs of parts being implemented
[SteveI] Phantom, I will address this.
[F & LA] desertdog Thanks Ray.
[Phantom] SteveI ty
desertdog] I don’t know if what is happening in the middle east right now will have any affect or not.
[BluGuyHoldingHisBreath] SteveI are we looking at the first of the year now?
[SteveI] Ray, share what Japan said regarding their investmet.
SteveI] Blu hang in there.
SteveI] we will address this nex
[SteveI] next
[doctimm] SteveI What did Salah say?
[desertdog] Japan signed an agreement with Iraq to build a 400 million dollar power plant to start in September but has put it on hold until the rv happens so they can get paid in the new dinar.
[SteveI] doctimm, ray will answer
[desertdog] He said that they are not going to announce an rv date until after the currency is reprinted.
[SteveI] any other questions?
[doctimm] desertdog Did he say when the currency was going to be done printing
[desertdog] I don’t think we are looking at the first of the year. I think before then.
[desertdog] He said in maybe 2 to 3 weeks.
[SteveI] I think October.
[doctimm] desertdog From the 15th?
[naplesnurse] Has the printing of the currency started?
[SteveI] 15th on
[desertdog] The printing has started already.
[EdwardK] OCT !st Begins the Fiscal Year
[EdwardK] 1
[doctimm] SteveI so 2-3 weeks after the 15th
[SteveI] your guess is just as good as ours.
[Ms. Biz] 9:39 PM [BigAl] What stage are we at with the SFA? Seeing some signs of parts being implemented
[SteveI] be real
Dianne777] Do you think that the quarter that they rv really matters?
[SteveI] What is huge is the SF signed.
[SteveI] Ray?
[desertdog] It was signed several days ago and was posted on this site.
7[Phantom] is there any talk on the GOI being completed ?
[desertdog] No one knows for sure if it is completed or not.
[SteveI] GOI is a question unknown until announced.
[SteveI] SFA
[andiedog] SteveI TY
[shiek] In either of your opinions will they RV prior to, National conference, or after announcements of all agreemnets(NC). And do you believe the rate will come out on a managed float at 3 plus?
[SteveI] Ray, what is left for the checki boxes?
[wrt] is cahpter 7 on the way to be done or is it done
[desertdog] In my opinion and what I am hearing. The rv can be done right after the currency is reprinted. It was supposed to rv Sep 1 but was held up due to the Kurds. None of the other stuff was ready so I don’t think any boxes have to be checked before the rv.
[Dianne777] Do you think that the quarter that they rv really matters?
SteveI] No Dianne777
SteveI] What Ray and I share comes from actual contacts in Iraq. Ray will share a bit more.
[[SteveI] Listen up.
SteveI] Ray said we cannot go into any details.
[Dianne777] so do you still believe that this will be taxed by capital gains tax or income tax?
[desertdog] Have to ask your tax guy Dianne
[SteveI] Stay cool with this and respect his wishes.
[SteveI] We are being watched like others, so we will just share
[SteveI] Ray and I are not promoting anything but the truth
[SteveI] Any other questions?
[desertdog] Maliki is headed to the US right now to speak at the UN.
[wrt] chapter 7
[F & LA] SteveI Is there a chance they may wait until their fiscal year beginning?
[PrivateDancer] How much longer is it exptected to take to reprint the currency?
desertdog] Saleh said 2 to 3 weeks.
[nanab] desertdog from now or from the time they started printing?
[SteveI] Currency should be two to three weeks, and according to article, they wanted to accererate it.
[desertdog] From the time they started printing.
[Marion] Thanks for all the info Steve & Ray! Do you think Chap 7 will be lifted after this UN meeting?
[desertdog] Maliki is hoping so.
[Dianne777] desertdog I have a question, saw anarticle today about O refusing to meet with M, and he canceled his trip, why would that be?

[SteveI] Read that article as it will answer a lot of questions.
[desertdog] I heard O refused to meet also, but M is still going to NY.
[SteveI] Ray and I got bashed and trashed for his update, but finally it is in print. So there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[SteveI] Any thing else?
[Ms. Biz] when it RV’s will it automatically be tradeable even thou they might not be in the WTO, i hope i asked that correctly
[SteveI] We need to go
[desertdog] When it rv’s, it will be tradeable right away.
[naplesnurse] Thank you Steve and Ray for your time! We love ya both!v*kiss*
[Ms. Biz] thank you both for your time tonight much appreciation
[SteveI] it will be world wide.
[hopesway] desertdog SteveI
Thanks steve and ray
[SteveI] anything else?
[Dianne777] thanks guys much appreciated
[Hawkster] SteveI desertdog thank you both….
[Ms. Biz] desertdog SteveI SteveI desertdog
[SteveI] are we done now?
[desertdog] Your welcome. Just stay calm and hang in there everyone. We are headed in the right direction.
[naplesnurse] SteveI Yes! Come back tomorrow night!
[F & LA] SteveI Yes..are you stilll sticking with the rate you gave us last year?
[SteveI] I still think late October is good.
[SteveI] Yes.
[Ms. Biz] PD ROCKS
[F & LA] SteveI The rate! Still the same as you said before?
[kyhilljack] many thanks to both of you
[PrivateDancer] Late October for the RV?
[SteveI] Due to Kwuait agreements, yes.
[PrivateDancer] Thanks for the info>
[SteveI] and hell yes
[SteveI] Mrs. Montana on someplace else thiniks it will be pennies. (rofl)
[SteveI] I disagree
[F & LA] Is there a chance Kuwait will RV with the IQD?
[F & LA] For more money?
[desertdog] I don’t think so.
[doctimm] SteveI rate still $3.22+
wrt] is there an answer to chapter7
[desertdog] Not yet.
[SteveI] I do have one thing to share, as I know this will end up on DV, so lets call the person taking this “dumb” and the ones that trash us “dumber”

[F & LA] SteveI Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[F & LA] doctimm
[SteveI] We have some more great news but need to confirm it.
[doctimm] nanab that was suppose to be for you
[Ms. Biz] ray said it two weeks ago and the article proves it, period
[F & LA] SteveI There’s that carrot again!
[SteveI] we will share as w confirm
[SteveI] It took all of the mods to make me red.
[F & LA] Go Iraq! Go RV! Go Iraq! Go RV! Go Iraq! Go RV!
[POSE] OK no problem
[naplesnurse] SteveI Lift off Steve and Ray! Beam you up Scottie
[desertdog] Good night everyone. Stay calm.
[SteveI] Ray and I are signing off. He need to go fill a few more gas tanks at the local market and wash more windows.
[SteveI] Actually, my wife and I will be leaving for a 45 day around the world cruse and tour, so if we are not here, please do not get upset.

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