Dinar Chatter 3-29-13

[Spark22] Quiet in here this morning

[Spark22] Poppy3 received a call saying they have heard the 2013 budget will be published in the gazette saturday. I am also hearing the ministers are being set today [thursday]. Time will tell. [do you think there will be a time limit to do our exchanges.] the currency should be good for at least 24 to 36 month and really for always.

If you have a usd $1000.00 dollar bill today it is still good and many other moneys that have been taken out of service in many currencies are still valid.

The ones that expire are like if they have a 10,000 dollar bill and they replace it will another 10,000.00 dollar bill because of a government change or regime change that is when the are expired and no good. Like the old dinar that had saddams picture that they replaced


[BOBGETZ6] Good Morning MIG

[watercolor] BOBGETZ6 healthy3 redhorse Good morning, rich friends!

[BOBGETZ6] watercolor At the moment, rich in spirit only but GM!!!

[juicelady] Bobgetz 26good morning is there anything new out there

[BOBGETZ6] juicelady GM Note the topic I posted above. It pretty much says it all. I have heard some good information, but until the IMF gives the UST the green light, nothing will happen.

[BOBGETZ6] IMO, Release of chapter 7 and an open budget must be announced, then the instruction, but I could be wrong.

[juicelady] I agree

[BOBGETZ6] I thought a lot about what to put in the topic this morning and that is the best I could do.

[Chmbgea] Well done Bob.. Well done!!

[watercolor] BOBGETZ6 you did good, hun

[juicelady] that was great and perfect God guides us then there’s no mistakes

[BOBGETZ6] Chmbgea Information received from a friend , IMO, was huge, but now we wait to see what transpires.

[BOBGETZ6] It appears to be the best place we have ever been in, but my gut tells me, don’t count those chickens. The exhuberance on some of the conference calls and bubbling over information, makes me want to protect our people.

[juicelady] thank you

[BOBGETZ6] There has to be, IMO, a definitive and pressing matter to get the particular person or persons to direct the UST.

[juicelady] Bobgetz26 what’s your gut telling you about today

[Chmbgea] Very calm here today, winds, etc… Going to go flying for a bit, maybe fly to get breakfast in Myrtle Beach.. 30 min flight.. Bob, you are so correct, I too am cautious due to open excitement of so many, but it could just be our time, will check back later after I get back, Bob, wish you could fly right seat with me!!:)

[BOBGETZ6] juicelady It is telling me that it is not done yet.

[juicelady] okay then…..we wait as normal

[BOBGETZ6] juicelady Or if done, it is being held for a proper time to announce.

[juicelady] boy I wish I knew when the proper time was . LOL

BOBGETZ6] juicelady I can tell you this, it is a big global event with many moving parts and I am sure it is very challanging for those at the top.

[juicelady] I bet it really is

[juicelady] these last few days or hours are going to drag out

[BOBGETZ6] On top of that, who or what do you trust? I hear so much information that I believe to be factually false. IMO, again, we wait for the announcements and I belive that the chapter 7, budget announcement, and rv will be all at one time.

[goin4broke] BOBGETZ6 Good morning. You said challenging for those at the top? Oh my then we are in trouble. ha ha


[CarrolBeams] good morning everyone

[CarrolBeams] I dreamed last night..that we received an Okie message….and it said; The plane landed

[CarrolBeams] I’ve been known to have prophetic dreams..weird when they show up in real life

[Midnight Blue] CarrolBeams What do you know about the UN soilders that are suppose to be in USA?

[CarrolBeams] Midnight Blue just speculation…but heard there were major arrests

[CarrolBeams] Easter Sunday makes sense…resurrection can mean alot..and what a great time to start The Golden Age

[doghouse1] CarrolBeams – I have a question about the PP – how does the owner find you if you where involved in PP for 20 yrs. What if they have deceased?

[CarrolBeams] doghouse1 heard they’ve kept records..don’t know what happens if someone is deceased…

[Lady Sarah] And I hope that report of 11% tax on currency exchange is accurate, that would also be a huge blessing

[doghouse1] CarrolBeams – what happens to PP money if someone cannot be found, who does it go to…

[CarrolBeams] doghouse1 not positive..but heard $’s go back to reset the system

[Lady Sarah] CarrolBeams Samson brought this to us, it is encouraging………… 7:46 AM [samson] MP Faizullah likely return of the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar to normal Baghdad (news) .. Likely Vice-Chairman of the Finance Committee MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Ahmed Faizullah, the return of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate to its natural price against the U.S. dollar, the central bank requirement to take the necessary procedures and the use of international expertise to support the national currency. Said Faizullah (of the Agency news): The country is suffering from floundering his policy monetary and economic terms that the money that goes out of the country for imports more than the money that comes to the country from oil sales, etc., in addition to there other funds wasted in various ways. He added: that the central bank demands take its necessary measures to recover the value of the Iraqi dinar to its natural price against the U.S. dollar, and the use of international expertise should benefit from the recommendation

[CarrolBeams] Lady Sarah that’s good news from Samson

[doghouse1] CarrolBeams – been involved in 5 different PP programs for over 20 yrs now, have never heard from any one of them. Imagine the headache this is going to cause – no email address or cell phones back then….

[CarrolBeams] doghouse1 I heard everyone has been kept up with through po changes and ss no’

[Midnight Blue] CarrolBeams Have you heard the rumors about the UN soilders in USA. Are they true? Why are they here? What are they suppose to do and who asked for them to come?

CarrolBeams] Midnight Blue don’t have your answer

[Midnight Blue] CarrolBeams Can you name any of those arrested or is not for public info yet?

[CarrolBeams] Midnight Blue not for public

[samson] My friend asked me today what are the first two things I will do when I hear that it is all official of the RV – this is what I told her : 1) Get some olive oil on my finger and anoint my forehead with oil and say ” Lord use me to be a blessing with this money You have so graciously bestowed on me to be used for Your service and Your Glory 2nd thing – Clean the chair I was sitting on – it will be smelly due to something happening on it.

[CarrolBeams] samson true..I’ll be dancing in the street



[SGD3] heyu288 Anyone think we’ll see it this morning

[weneedit] Will today continue the excitement from yesterday with an outcome of a rv announcement ?

[PinkPrincess] SGD3 it sure would be nice wouldn’t it?

[.Ladybug65] Will reopen if we RV?

[PinkPrincess] weneedit I hope so!

[SGD3] PinkPrincess YES

[heyu288] SDG3 i think many so excited really this time anything possible

[spiritfilled] weneedit 3-29-2013 Intel Guru Blaino there is some fresh stuff from the “architect”…. Tomorrow, Friday, could be the best time for our eyes to see this thing in a public way…and we may also have unprecedented…announcements on a range of topics.

[greasee5] Christine Lagarde

[redhead1] I know I am going to be very happy to be off this roller coaster and be rich but I also am very happy for Poppy3 – he has been so sad for so long and I hope this helps him.

[misskitty05] So the stock market is closed today. Is there a time when all of the markets worldwide are closed?

[spiritfilled] misskitty05 IMO… The only thing i remember is Okie telling us that the world wide forex is close from 6 pm EST Saturday till 5 pm EST Sunday…we all need to remember that a lot of countries do not celebrate Easter on this weekend, so it will be business as usual for them.

[WCW] hello and good morning everyone at 4 pm cdt pm today it will be the 30 th in iraq our blessing is coming be ready

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