Dinar Rumors at PTR 9-14-12

9-14-2012 Gary (PTR): We are seeing a lot of activity. There was a meeting with the UN Security Council in the past and they were going to take them out of Chapter 7 but there were a few things that were still remaining that needed to be fulfilled but I see activity moving us toward the goal, I don’t know if it’s the actual RV. I hope it is, I’m not sure what the trigger point is, but I am sure we are getting closer.

There are a number of events that are moving Iraq closer to their goal, to the goal that we need to reach to see this RV.

9-14-2012 Tony (PTR): A lot of good info out there. The UN meeting and the Finance meeting are taking place at the same time is a good thing. Maliki coming here & let it be known they are going to discuss getting out of Chapter 7 is a good thing.

Tony Continued: The fact that all financial managers are meeting in England at the same time, discussing the value of Iraq’s economy & the value of their dinar & both put that out on their agendas is a good thing. All of this is scheduled to happen Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. I think that is good thing.

The fact that banks were notified this morning. We had a branch manager call that said they got a notice from the corporate office giving them an alert notice for a currency change. This manager never believed in this…I thought that was a good thing. It could happen today, tomorrow, just looking at the positive things.

9-14-2012 Adam Montana: Iran is indeed a major point of concern. At this time, they are just something to keep an eye on. I truly wish our government, the UN, heck – the entire world – would take them as serious as you and I do. Luckily they aren’t causing problems at this time. Give Iraq a release from Chapter 7, resolve HCL, let them stand on their own two feet. That is the ONLY way this will ever be resolved.

9-13-2012 AMHVL: Stryker sent me a text about an hour ago regarding a conversation with his translator. His translator told him he watched on Arab TV an announcement that the HCL had been agreed upon and is being sent to Parliament for final approval. Additionally, it appears all the oil contracts will get (or are getting) paid along with the funds owed to the Kurdish military.

This seems to indicate Erbil may be done and just not announced yet.

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