Dinar Rumors – Talabani To Return Soon 9-6-12

9-6-2012 Mountainman: Looking forward to Talabani’s return and National Meeting. Every day we’re hearing the ministers are going to be announced. They have been saying this for a long time but I think the no-confidence vote option is one that Maliki won’t take.

This is the real deal and when T returns, Biden will visit and help push this through. Parliament is also working hard on passing the oil and gas law.

There was a rumor that they made a mistake with the printing of the LDs but that has not been confirmed and is hard for me to understand such a major mistake when this has been in the works for so long. I think we’re right on track and where we need to be. Go RV!!

9-6-2012 BGG From 3 sources, our next date for Talabani to get back is September 10th or 11th. If Talabani is unable to return on the 10th or 11th, it is still all good for us. Maliki has always known that he can only delay this some, there has always been an end date. He either plays ball soon or they will move ahead to deal with him.

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