Dinar Rumtel 1-3-13

~SpecialAgentGibbs] Trust 101 video presentation:

~SpecialAgentGibbs] The video I just posted has some VERY interesting information about public versus private trusts. I highly suggest watching!


[Imperium] Hopesway: JUST RECEIVED THIS FROM OCRUSH – JAN 1 2013
We are almost there! The 2012 accounts have been closed. The banks are positioning themselves for the new budget. The ratification of the 2013 budget is on its way with the finance ministry. This is great because they will allocate the 2013 budget to the provinces with transparency. The cbi gave orders to the private banking sector to sell hard currency at the current rate for one week even though the 2012 budget has been closed.

They needed to still have the auctions because its not a good idea to stop them;)) The new policies will start after January 8 (give or take). You see the house needs to approve these changes and all they are doing now is positioning themselves to get it started with no hiccups! This is a new era and it has started. There will be new procedures and policies taking place….we are witnessing history in the making. There is no doubt the new budget has the new rate and they are preparing to wow us!!

[Dolly119] the bank will receive applications from private banks as of next Wednesday.” HMMMMM

[Cashinqueen] [terryk] ok ,here is what i got and its hot. tonight is red hot. red hot. have another call coming in soon to give me more details . pp are out. being delivered. have 3 confirms on that . we are in the money peeps. whoo hoo, treat as rumor of course

[telemar59] TK seems to be a good balance of those that think it is our government stopping this or waiting on Iraq.

crafter] telemar59 love it!!!!!!lol

[telemar59] lol.

[crafter] Look Bashers–TK says he is just repeating rumors–if you don’t like it, don’t listen amen

burk50] Sounds great ck it out,Historian respects him I think and she is a smart lady

[Aliro] burk50 Historian is a smart lady..agreed. But before I got wiser, I lost so much money doing reserves after TerryK’s predictions..I read and run now lol

[Waiting] Maryrose Just tired of everyone putting all the intel people down- I think we have been in here long enough to know who to believe and who to just hope is right. Some may have an agenda – but who truly knows.


[flashing] i am wondering what rate they will use on that budget?

[shaverstein] Flashing I think we all are

[PICK3KING] flashing does the budget matter

[Waiting] flashing Me to – but do you think it will wait to rv until budget is approved?

[flashing] Waiting if that is true, they need to rv prior to that date

[Waiting] flashing praying

[flashing] Waiting praying too

[flashing] PICK3KING imo they need the rved rate on it

[PICK3KING] flashing then what happened last year

[flashing] PICK3KING internal differences

[weneedit] Funny how a country that is so messed up can get budgets done, and then there is thu USA what a joke

[flashing] PICK3KING last year the rv wasn’t in consideration

[NC227B] flashing ….Hello..what happened for the last five years…budget – does not equal…RV

[PICK3KING] flashing then cant it be the same this year with budget

[flashing] PICK3KING if they will rv they need the new rate on it

[#3sister] So if the rv rate is not in the 2013 budget we wait another year?

[shaverstein] Flashing do you really believe that the budget would reveal the new rate this year? So when the budget is released & it doesn’t RV.. What now. They’d never risk that

flashing] shaverstein i am not a guru so i will skip it :

[spiritfilled] flashing just hang in there …people need to read with reason and understand we have never been this close and now the Iraqis need to take the next step and their tangible assets will give them the ability to succeed in the world market..you are definitely on the true path…is is revealed in truth


[willietrader] from Dinar detectives 1-3-13 JSan: “Iraq’s Asiacell seeks to raise $1.35 bln from IPO. Asiacell announces IPO shares January 3, 2013.” I was told by the company offering the shares that each share was 22 dinars each BUT the minimum investment was 100k US. Obviously I did not proceed under that premise. I have emails back and forth with the company to show what I say is what I was told. I then asked the guy in another email if he thought the dinar would revalue soon and he did not reply further for some reason. If we got a RV, then I might consider spending 100k but still very risky to wire or send money to Iraq for stock purchases


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