Dinar RV Chat & Rumors 9-20-12

Max asks sheepishly, “Is today the day for the Dinar RV? Man, I hope so. My doghouse needs a major overhaul!”

[Josey Wales] Good morning A-Team. Lots of great info in the air. Cross everything you have for our good fortune. Will not discuss anything that will Jinx our position. LOL

[redhead1] Josey Wales – you are probably right. I do have a question about the VND – will they have to wait if Iraq should decide not to RV at this time since Iraq seems to be the richest of the countries in the basket. It seems like Viet Nam is desperate to get theirs done.

[Josey Wales] redhead1 I personally think that the VND will be part of the same currency basket. Vietnam needs something to boost its economy, and China pulls the strings. China has been on a buying binge in Vietnam for the past 2 years……It is a well calculated move.

[redhead1] Josey Wells – I think everyone of the PTB know this is going to make a lot of Millionaires and it will not happen again in our lifetime – I saw where if you want to participate when the RV Libya the minimum buy-in will be $10,000,000.00

2012jesus] redhead1 all you have to do is geta few people and start a corp with 10mill in assets

dizzzy] Hi all, I have a bank story, just a little one. I went to 5/3 today for some other business, and when I concluded it said to the banker do you think 5/3 will ever exchange Dinar for us dollars, He said I don’t know, I am sitting on some myself. Said he thought about cashing them in. He asked how m

[dizzzy] much I had and I said a bit. He said do you have my card? and he gave me his card and said let me know if you need anything in the near future. First person at a bank that ever admmiting having any or knowing what I was talking about

[Rocky49] Where oh Where is my RV at? Where oh Where can it be? I looked at Intel, I looked at Recap, I even looked in Okie’s room. Call it an RV, call it a CE I don’t care I just want it to be. Where oh Where is my RV at Where oh Where can it be?

(captaincaveman) http://www.ninanews.com/English/News_Details.asp?ar95_VQ=GDIJLD

(captaincaveman) http://www.ninanews.com/English/News_Details.asp?ar95_VQ=GDIKDH


captaincaveman] Iraq is farther along than the articles portray. They could announce the RV and everything else completed today if allowed to. Everything is done, but the articles are the only weathervane we have… forecast: 99.999% of raining money in the very near future

[captaincaveman] Anyone notice the markets this morning? Everything falling except the dollar

[whitelions] captaincaveman great post yes it is true what you said but please ppl no more today today lets just think in the extreamy near time

[captaincaveman] Convergance realignment

[2012jesus] captaincaveman plus all aritcles are a few days old time we see them


[whitelions] gm all captaincaveman Talabani told al-Maliki: National Meeting end of next week,


[~healthy3] whitelions ty- I just pray it is this week or next

[whitelions] ~healthy3 BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Vice President Khudier al-Khuzaai will lead Iraq’s delegation to the 67th session of the United National General Assembly in New York, according to a presidential statement. “The vice president will deliver Iraq’s word to the international gathering next week,

[whitelions] ~healthy3 not this week they need to have that NM I just posted but omg are we ever there

[lee0623] Another window comes and goes

[whitelions] lee0623 no more windows if you read the news it won’t tell you rate or date but it will tell you how they are moveing faster and faster to the end and hopefuly that will get you off the window leage lol

2012jesus] at least we all can agree we are very very close

[nolaspice] Normally after all the excitement and no RV I may feel a bit of disappointment – but I still feel extremely positive. We are so close! I believe it’s our time! Have a blessed day my friends!!

[bamanana] Stitch Wow….ok you guys that have been in for so long, how does “this time” feel compared to previous times when you thought it was coming?

[2012jesus] bamanana we have never been this close

[mbd4049] bamanana extremely good

[Stitch] bamanana absolutely no comparison to other times!! We didn’t know what we didn’t know!! Roflmao

bamanana] mbd4049 2012jesus Stitch Wow, that is very encouraging! The funny thing is I trust my friends in the castle more than the so called gurus I trust your instincts and you all have just made my day! woohoo!!!!!!!!!


[Precious] Iran’s forex bourse to come on stream by September 21 TEHRAN – Iran’s foreign exchange trading market will be inaugurated by the end of the current calendar month of Shahriver (September 21), aiming to create a balance between the official and free market rates of foreign currencies, the ISNA News Agency reported.

The Central Bank of Iran has approved general outlines of launching a foreign exchange market, Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Shamseddin Hosseini told the Mehr News Agency. The foreign exchange market is a form of exchange for the global decentralized trading of international currencies. In a typical foreign exchange transaction, a party purchases a quantity of one currency by paying a quantity of another currency. http://www.tehrantimes.com/economy-and-business/101217-irans-forex-bourse-to-come-on-stream-by-september-21

[williamB] ad yet they are under sanctions by the un aren’t they?

[Precious] yes so much for that lol

[williamB] and*

[Precious] I think Tony said Iraq had its own forex type exchange coming in too

[Precious] hmmmm

[williamB] my point being, if they can do it, so could iraq

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