Dinar RV Chit Chat Rumors and more 9-24-12

[blessedandhighlyfavored] IMHO, the National Conference is being held today (Monday) or tomorrow (Tuesday)in Iraq just like I heard on a call on Friday. They probably are making all their announcements. The UN General Assembly is the final stamp on everything for the RV to happen. I am really trying to keep hope alive!!

[WILDDUCK] I have the app on my phone, this is the trading app for currency and markets, Its all in the red except for nikei closed and usd

[Waiting] WILDDUCK Ok – lol – please explain

[Jester] WILDDUCK what does that mean to us uneducated in that?

[kathy] WILDDUCK not meaning to be dumb here but what does that mean

[WILDDUCK] WILDDUCK do not know if it means anything but it seems weird. never saw this before may be an anomolie

captaincaveman] Iqd values moving up and down by .02-.06

[captaincaveman] Values changing every few minutes…just cycling between numbers

BLESSME] Capaincaveman is that unusual?

[johnnyd] captaincaveman most likely just changes in the dollar

captaincaveman] BBlessme its been moving a lot more often than usual

[jdez] I cannot explain the numbers but I watch that site every day and have never seen movement like that.

captaincaveman] Jdez me either…possible testing

shellbell] The american “corporation’s” fiscal year ends this week. There is talk of going bankrupt, this could be a very interesting week!!!!

[heartfelt] Guys I have been listening to Phoenix when I can for just another take on things. I like what Lakehouose brings and recently Phoenix has had physics on his show which are very interesting and puts a different spin on things. Some are invested some are not out of 9 physics. Phoenix mentions the full Harvest Moon on last nights show and compared it to the back side of the dinar note you see harvest [wheat, etc] I looked up the timing of the Full Harvest Moon and this is what I found:

Harvesting starts and goes thru October in northern hemisphere. Interesting. Just a another thing to think about considering the ME puts the moon/harvest & astrology in the release & decision of many of the planning. Just stating my opinion.


[heartfelt] Just found the harvest interesting ….and not giving up. We have made this anywhere from a spiritual release, political release to a timing release and who knows what else. I for one will dig for a possible answer with reasonable facts. Could be a combination of all the above. Who knows.

[heartfelt] healthscans Thank you, but it is not really mine, It came from Phoenix so then I went and studied more on the full harvest moon and looked at the note itself and recall many times what has been signs & said in the past. Another thing even if this should revalue on/around the 29/30th which is only next weekend away doesn’t mean we have to be at the bank immediately. Oct 8th is a 3 day US banking holiday which Shabibi said he would do it on a 3 day weekend but not necessarily a holiday weekend. Does he mean US 3 day weekend? Who knows but can’t see why they would need it in the ME.

[heartfelt] Oct 1st is also the start of many countries Financial new year including the US but not the ME. Is this significant? Again who knows. just more to consider.

[healthscans] heartfelt Those are a lot of good questions. I am like you, I like Phoenix and his wife. But I am not looking at the 3 day holiday anymore. We have had too many of those. I want to think the bank will extend their hours for us. I heard yesterday that the currency exchange places are extending their hours, especially in the airports and malls.

[healthscans] heartfelt they are extending their hours for the next 4 weeks.

[sisterbreen] healthscans where did u hear that at plz bout the bank hours

[healthscans] sisterbreen I can’t remember who posted it yesterday but they said the places here in Dallas and Houston in the Galleria hours were extended.

[sisterbreen] healthscans ty so is rumor?

[healthscans] sisterbreen Not bank hours but the currency exchange places at the airport and some of the malls. Then on guy here said the currency exchange places are also in the banks in WA.

[healthscans] sisterbreen As I said, “I want to think the banks will extend their hours”. So yes that is just my opinion.

heartfelt] healthscans I saw you post that and that was very interesting. You were talking travelex right? I’m thinking will there be a possibility for those that have a large deposit let’s say over $1M that maybe they have been trying to set up terminals on the private bankers segment divisions, this way the deposit can be more private along with your appointment. Vanguard, ING, Smith Barney, ect. Just a thought however these are not banks and so it makes me think twice how it could be handles more discreet.

[healthscans] heartfelt I hear that we won’t actually be going to banks. I have no idea what they are doing, just have rumors of what I have heard. I am also wondering what we will do, call the banks or will we have a special number to call in?

[heartfelt] healthscans my thoughts are the 800# will go into a wealth management [private banking sector] and they will handle from there, but I AM NOT giving my notes to one of them to deposit without my presence. So I’m suggesting that MAYBE for security reasons of the banks for our protection terminals may have been set up in the private bankers locations. Wish there would be someone that could elaborate if this could be true. Makes sense because they are tied into the screens anyways but it is the transaction [deposit] itself that makes me question if it is even fiesable. I don’t know.

[healthscans] heartfelt I agree, we have so many questions. I know when I set up my 2 accounts at Wells Fargo, the banker had no idea what I was doing. Just wonder if it red flags everyone that set up a non interest bearing account.


[da58] Erbil done, and smart cards issued to be utilized!

[da58] that just donesn’t sound like the end of the year to me.. lol lol

[healthscans] da58 I like your thinking!!!!

[da58] healthscans did you read those articles?? WOW – winalot brought in last night about the smt cards..

[da58] I don’t remember who posted the erbil done article…but this is FANTASTIC stuff.

[healthscans] da58 I saw an article posted yesterday that the smart cards had been put out. I am reading it now.

[healthscans] da58 I saw this morning that she said to BigRedDog, soon, very soon. Hope she knows something that we don’t! lol!

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