Dinar RV News and Rumor 9-23-13

rumor3TNT TONY BLAST ::: 9-23-13::: 1:30 am EST :::::I know it is late and most of you won’t see this until tomorrow morning, so it should be a good wakeup call.

I did in fact receive information saying that this should be all over by the time that the banks open. Bank personnel are reporting to the office at 7am est. They have been told to expect you tomorrow.

They have been given the rates and they are even higher than they were before. I will be able to give you bank instructions and best of all, you will not need to be a part of any group to see the highest rate that is available in the United States………you just have to be aware and ask the right questions.

For the record, I don’t have anything against anyone using a group, that is your choice. Do I think you can do just as good on your own, without the restrictions that they are going to ask you for. Yes…

Do I think you should have to sign an NDA to exchange your money, No.

I will give you options tomorrow and you can decide for yourself.

[daz] noone knows when this will happen exactly and if they did they would be restricted from disclosure…..i think we deserve a day of anticipation and enjoyment of the possibility that today might be the day..whether it pops or not.

[CountryLife] Ready for an interesting tidbit? I just made fb friends with a young man in Baghdad. He did say dinar is much more valuable than it used to be, though he could not say exactly how much.

wycoffjul] JLARSEN WOW just a about 3 hours ago he didn”t agree with Tony for Tomorrow, said he looked for it Tuesday, He must have had some good news!!

[absynth] wycoffjul loechin: 11:00pm “The info I am just now getting start looking now guys” ,11:03 PM loechin I thought you said an hour ago that you were thinking it would be Tuesday….???? Have you changed your mind? 11:03 PM hollyberry yep.

[Rastagirl] pontymania utahgirl I did, Tony said 7am EST..it’s 8:16 am EST hence why I’m convinenced that once again..something stopped it

[Yme] Rastagirl it’ll be more like 12 est for ALL the banks to be open

[cruiser] Rastagirl how can you stop something, that is not ready to start???

[dreamin222] i believe he said the bank personnel are reporting to the banks at 7am

[Rastagirl] cruiser Oh be quiet negative nancy.

[cruiser] Rastagirl not negative. I am factual

[Bald Eagle] cruiser At this point, after all the dates and rates, honestly no-one takes anything as 100% so, the PTB could give us all the exact time and date and none of us would be 100% that it is true. So, we wait!

[drl] It is very unlikely that we wil see the RV today because banks reconcile there accounts from the weekend on Mondays. We have been told this for years! [justice1] do we have to wait until the banks in Hawaii open before they make it live

[freeway2] drl Theres nothing about this RV that is normal. So anything can happen today.

[Rastagirl] banks do recon their checks on Monday, but that shouldn’t affect the RV – we recon checks all frigging morning and all day and after closing so …i dont see why it should matter.

[Greyeagel1] Everybody, Remember what Tony always says: Look at the whole picture and put the peices in place to see if they fit. If the bank people were told to report at 7:00 A.M. edt this would not be going down in Dec. Banks are businesses and have to make a profit. They cannot make a profit having extra people in that do not turn a deal.

[snooky22] Banks not open in Ca. Not happening til everyone is open from what Tony said the other day, dont think that has changed

[sewing] what does Tony mean when he said the banks are going to be ready for us today at 7a.m?!? Doesnt that mean it took place??

[cozmo] sewing — call center employees were to report at 7 am

[Readynow] sewing read again–he said people called in at 7 m..not that we would be there

[inspired2] Sewing no it means they are called to be ready just like before

[chicagonewbee] sooooo do we really think today is our day.. I just spent three hours on a quota report I would love to never have to do that again.

[buckwheat] chicagonewbee It’s certainly possible

[cozmo] — not sure if we have to wait for Hawaii banks as well .. that would be around 3 pm east coast

[august] I know you are excited and so am I, however, go about your day. Do expect our blessing, do NOT think negative thoughts! We are here! Only thing we are awaiting is the release. Historically is has shown at 3pm EST, it aligns with the Hawaii bank openings. So let’s wait and see. Stay Positive, Keep your phones close…Let’s see how today unfolds.Trust Tony

[rcl] I was just on the 24/7 call and they had a professional banker on. Someone came right out and asked her if it RV’d and she said YES after a slight hesitation. Tony she said will fill us in today.

[rcl] – It’s called Straight Talk and it’s on 24/7. I woke up early this am and after checking emails, etc. I thought I would see what’s going on at that call. They had a banker lady on and she is the one who said that it did RV and that the rates are at the bank. She also said Tony would be filling us in with rates, etc. So, it looks like it’s done.

[jim16640] President Obama makes his annual trek to New York City on Monday for the opening of the United Nations General Assembly. While Obama has a string of meetings lined up — and a big speech to the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday morning — many people are wondering whether there will be an unscheduled event: A meeting with Iran President Hasan Rouhani. Both sides are making signals about possible talks on Iran’s nuclear program. Obama’s first meeting Monday is with President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria. The two leaders will discuss efforts “to advance transparent, democratic governance, expand trade and development, improve security, and create opportunities for youth and entrepreneurs,” says the White House schedule. Later, Obama will host a reception for heads of state, and what the White House calls “representatives of civil society, multilateral organizations, and private foundations.”



Sunday, September 22, 2013


Carrol A Doyle: The International community stated that were making their move forward the first of next week, with or without the US. Countries were pairing like crazy yesterday to the IQN. I heard the system upload was turned on & many Countries were showing live paired rates….except US.
China didn’t like the verbiage in the Private Placement Groups Contract. So that was amended yesterday….and heard we will still have lead time on this.. this weekend to put us in the Banks Monday.

From: Carrol Sent: Friday, September 20, 2013 8:09 PM
Subject: Re: rv
6 contacts all saying this weekend and now banks may only close for one day…all seem to think we’ll be in the banks by Monday

On Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 8:34 PM,
Carrol Doyle heard back wall date is Oct 8. However, I’ve heard this evening that it’s on & poppin for this to go tonight & we’ll have instructions tomorrow

— Carrol A Doyle

Posted by John MacHaffie at 8:36 PM



[freedom13] One thing we are close ,,but ,,,,,, how close ,,,is the ?????????

[freedom13] IRAQ has a few gooood meetings this week and so does our gov ,and the un and others so we will have to seee ,,tuesday is a big day lots of meetings but here is the ?? is it our day or week or oct first weeek or end of oct or nov , or jan 2014 big big ???????



[tier2wannabe] Well Tony says it’s going to be a good day. Here’s to hoping he’s right!

[texascamper] Good morning….. well it’s another Monday

[Vote4RV] Its gonna be a great day

[RFrost] I just read the tony blast…..and I sure hope those suffering from impulse control issues are not lining up at the bank this morning. Ah, well didnt break it, cant fix it. Lol

[4Him] RFrost – love that phrases “impulse control issues” lol

[RFrost] 4Him seemed to be better than saying idiots who lack judgement”

[drl] Tony said the banks are expecting us today not at 9:00a.m. We await the email! As my friend in the forest would say!



by jdtolle » September 23rd, 2013 Start Moving

There’s a way forward. To find it, start moving.

To make some progress, you must make some effort. Get going, make the effort, persist at it, and the progress you seek will come.

If you’re concerned about making mistakes, your concerns are very well founded. But holding yourself back because you fear you’ll make a mistake is the biggest mistake of all.

The positive possibilities are out there. The way to discover them, and to make the most of them, is to get yourself out there too.

A positive change requires positive action. This is the moment you have, and this is the time to take that action.

Though it may feel very comfortable where you are, it can also feel great to get yourself in motion. Get moving, and get more of life’s best treasures coming your way.

— Ralph Marston May All Have a Safe and Blessed Day

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  1. Ted September 26, 2013 at 7:30 pm #

    Everyone seems to blow the same old smoke up every ones ^$& every year including you! Nothing coming out of your mouth can be backed up anywhere on the web or the news. I think you’re an old hippie from the 60’s that took to much LSD. You sit home and make up stories so you can profit from people buying worthless currency. Do the math, it is not possible anything you say. Prove me wrong and post something that can be verified at a legitimate site such as CNN, MSNBC, or Fox. If not, you and the other so called GURU’s need to SHUT THE *&^% UP!

  2. dinar rv September 26, 2013 at 8:29 pm #

    Hey Ted…
    Whoa big fella. Someone’s angry, eh? Just to set the record straight, I’m no guru. This site simply gathers news and posts from around the web. We occasionally offer opinion on the stuff floating around, however it’s never presented as fact. Ever.

    Hang in there partner…this thing is bound to RV one of these days. Keep a cool head…

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