Dinar RV Status Update at 3S’s Intel 5-1-12

8:25 AM [Skyman] The folowing is just my humble opinion

:8:25 AM [Skyman] Morning editorial comments: The Banks are ready. Almost every single “intel” provider is saying the same thing. The Iraqi national convention is coming up , and I really don’t think it will prove to be the “R/V release.

We’ve seen conventions and conferences come and go, and got all hyped up that they “HAD” to have it done prior or during these conventions. The troops are gone, they have their GOI, and so forth. If this were in Iraqi hands, they most likely would have done this long ago.

The only thing that I can see that if Iraq was truly in control, they will have too wait to get Maliki out of there. The Rate of $40+ just does not seem possible to me. But there again, I said the same thing last year about the $10 rate, then the $22 rate. SO who knows what the rate will be.

8:26 AM [bamatom] Skyman: Just wish we knew the REAL story.
8:26 AM [Skyman] bamatom I don’t think that we ever will…
8:27 AM [laurelei] bamatom I don’t think we’ll ever know the full truth

8:27 AM [tigers] Skyman so basically the intel saying should see live rate any moment is just guessing and we probably won’t see anything until Maliki is out great could take month’s

8:28 AM [dietcokeandice] Skyman Thank you for the “common sense–cents” info sooooo refreshing an good morning to all my friends in the tree

8:28 AM [Skyman] tigers I did not say that. I was referring to if Iraq wa still in control of this. But Maliki is toast anyway, in my opinion…

8:29 AM [bamatom] Skyman: I think lots of those Iraui things have been done and they are pretending until the US gets their act together!

8:29 AM [queenmother4] Skyman just being practical you I think are very grounded and right 40+ is just kind of crazy so it’s done as far as paperwork for what ever reason not ready to release yet (but they will)

8:29 AM [spicegirl] Skyman to all of you great mods!!!Skyman could you clarify one thing for me…I have been hearing for a long time that WF is going to be involved in this…I just read in recaps that the only banks that gave codes yesterday were(or whenever) citigroup and BOA?? do you know about wf?

8:29 AM [globalbiz] Skyman ..IMO..those “in control” have ability and power to control Maliki if and when necessary….

8:29 AM [tigers] Skyman Who is in control and in your opinion will this take until summer and even longer?

8:29 AM [Skyman] spicegirl If the banks got the codes. then ALL of them did.

8:30 AM [laurelei] dietcokeandice I think that the longer it delays the rate will be higher

8:31 AM [bamatom] Skyman: You are correct. I do believe you have to use some logic in all of this.

8:31 AM [Skyman] tigers tigers Right now, I’m really not sure who is in control. china is not, the IMF is not, BIS and Iraq are not, and teh UST is not. I honest think that this is a timing thing.

8:31 AM [rgs] Is Iraq still in control of this RV or is it the UST/BIS, there seam to be two camps on this????

8:32 AM [Skyman] globalbiz I agree. While Maliki controls teh press, I have zero doubt that if the PTB wanted to, Maliki would hve been gone long ago.

8:32 AM [tigers] Skyman Thanks just hope we don’t go through another summer of this

8:32 AM [laurelei] rgs no one knows for sure imo who is the final trigger

8:33 AM [drizz] Skyman ~ I heard on a call that billions of dollars are being transferred to the US and will be available for cashout starting today/tomorrow – a rumor!

8:33 AM [Skyman] rgs I think that is out of everyone’s control right now. The world and the US banks appear to be ready. All the known “t”‘s have been crossed per say

8:33 AM [laurelei] queenmother4 I know!!! They can’t keep any other secrets so why this one?

8:34 AM [Skyman] tigers Me neither, but just as a backup, I’m still looking for work and setting up interviews… I have two this week.

8:34 AM [bcrt] Skyman now we’re just waiting on the “i’s” to be dotted??? mao
8:34 AM [laurelei] drizz I like that rumor

8:35 AM [drizz] laurelei ~ the money was supposed to be transfered early Jan – but was not transferred until last week – IF this is true THEN the timing is just waiting for it to be available

8:35 AM [Lambkin] drizz transferred from where?
8:35 AM [drizz] Lambkin ~ Switzerland

8:37 AM [Lambkin] drizz did you hear this from an informed well placed source?
8:37 AM [mshaddie4] Did anyone see on Good Morning America this morning – BOA is laying off 2000 people.

8:37 AM [spicegirl] mshaddie4 i saw that!!

8:37 AM [Skyman] dietcokeandice honestly.. I have no idea. I have not researched that. This affair is so different than anything that we have seen in the past..

8:38 AM [tigers] Skyman good luck I have a job so I am thankful of that just would be nice to have this blessing come so I could help so many people in need with more of a fiancial offering

8:38 AM [mshaddie4] I think BOA is in trouble – would not leave any money with them – Just my opinion.

8:39 AM [Skyman] mshaddie4 we should see something in about 90 minutes or so…
8:39 AM [mshaddie4] Skyman – can you say what large town you are in or near.r

8:39 AM [spicegirl] Skyman see what ??
8:40 AM [Skyman] mshaddie4 Dove and I are in San Antonio Texas

8:40 AM [spicegirl] I was asking skyman see what in 90 minustes…i will come back by then??

8:41 AM [Skyman] spicegirl if the banks got the rate downloaded and activated.
8:42 AM [spicegirl] Skyman ok thanks…i will be back in 90

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