Dinarland Chatter 3-23-12

[andisgram1] dinadave7 So your thoughts have changed since last night. Can you let us know what happened?
dinadave7] andisgram1 no…they haven’t changed…..I believe all is done and we wait for banks to teil us

[BlessedinAZ] dinadave7 Good morning !! Can you please give a hint of what time we should look for? Morning vs afternoon? Banks open or closed ? Please and thank you. I understand if you cannot answer.

[dinadave7] ok….here’s what I think…..and they are my thoughts…..we were never just going to walk into the bank and cash out. there are too many of us. soo…I
believe we are going to be asked to call and make appointments to cash out for
security reasons.I believe they will announce this today. again…this is my
opinion based on research….so don’t freak out….it’s here IMO
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[blessedinohio] dinadave7 How would this get announced only to dinar holders? Do you mean just via the rooms or the dealers, etc?

[dinadave7] blessedinohio they will use rooms like this, the rest will be word of mouth as no one just stumbled on this event….someone told them’

[dinadave7] I think today could be our day….IMO. however….we have been here before kinda….but not here if you catch my drift. remember…the cbi is closed till
the second of april…..Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

dinadave7] folks….I’m sure our fearless leaders are all huddled together this morning and will be here shortly to talk to you….I am but a squirrel just like

[comeonrv] dinadave7 I just think it’s too coincidental that all the heads of the central banks are here today and you are saying it will be announced today. CAN’T WAIT! 12:45 Bernanke speaks…

dinadave7] comeonrv you could be right on for sure. the stars are in line as they

[dinadave7] thanksfor your kind words everyone….didn’t really mean to take any spot light….it just seemed like the right time to share

[R&R] news so far this AM: (1) President to sign STOCK into law; (2) Jim Yong Kim to be named for WB President; (3) Fed Res having meeting will all 12 division heads in DC with statement at 1:45pm today (I heard it was stated on CNBC moments ago but I did not see it). Seems like a lot going on today…

World Bank information ~ ~ (Reuters) – The United States faces an unprecedented challenge to its grip on the World Bank presidency, with emerging economies poised to nominate at least one candidate on Friday

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