Dinarland Rumors 7-16-13


[smilestuff] This is going to be a WONDERFUL day!!

[Iank1978] What makes me think this is close is the banks at the teller level know what’s going on to a certain extent IMO

Iank1978] China can’t hold on much longer pull the trigger friends

Papa Bear] GM Dinar Family .I must say Jester did an EXCELLENT job for u last night. The CCC paperwork might be known as a bank autenticty report shwing wehere byou funds originated. My CCC name comes from old PP days which was to show funds clean, clear and noncrininsal. Things are changing for the better. More transparency and safety

Papa Bear] Now let me cover 1 thing… I got calls from 2 indiduals in my group and it appears the competition from other banks has begun… so stay focused on where your groups highest rates will be.

[bandit] Papa Bear I myself thought Jester did 1 heck of a good job

[Papa Bear] bandit He works very hard at this and is good at what he does. We are lucky to have him with us here in the castle

KajunRedBull] Papa Bear what were you going to say about bank competition? [Papa Bear] KajunRedBull Its started with calls going to individuals who have gone into banks and inquired. Have a list Question s ask do you have a group with you.

[tradewind] Papa Bear do you have a thought on way Okie was talking about

Papa Bear] tradewind High rates 1 last signature hope soon awaiting go for graduation Wants to land. Hows that?

jblb] Papa Bear if nothing else it says volumes to the banks all hearing things now and they want in

[Papa Bear] jblb You are right and gives you a themo0meter on your fever in this investment.LOL


Nesara BlogSpot Dinar Update: John MacHaffie



Confirmed – Dinar seen on bank screens in Italy.

Rumor – Tuesday ‘suppose’ to be the date for the RV/EXCHANGE.

Confirmed – IRAQ was granted a one day extension. Was suppose to be done Monday.

Confirmed – IRAQ stock market went live and operational this monday for domestic purposes. After RV it be international.

Confirmed – Maliki made the ‘international currency’ announcement Monday.



[rmjremi] Folks, I know everyone – and I mean everyone- is tired of this day t o day second to second stuff BUT, if you remember a few years ago if we got one encouraging word every month or so we thought we were getting close, Keep smiling we are soooo much closer than ever before! JMO



[AuntieTeeTee] … this is what’s really gonna happen … at the … Currency exchange!

[AuntieTeeTee] Millionaire Currency Change. http://www.funnieststuff.net/viewmovie.php?id=2638

[maranatha] maybe if we can have just ONE NIGHT wher NO ONE says GLOBAL RESET TONITE, we might actually GET ONE lol

[xyz] Parliamentary committee demands CBI to preserve IQD price – Tuesday, 16 July 2013 08:15 The Economy and Investment Parliamentary Committee demanded the Central Bank of Iraq to maintain the price of the Iraqi dinar in exchange of foreign currencies. The Secretary of the Committee, Mahma Khalil, told AIN ”The CBI is obliged to preserve the price of the IQD in return of foreign currencies since the currency of the State represents its economic identity at the political arena.” ”The price of the IQD totally depends on the CBI policy whose task is to preserve the price of IQD which was built basically on the price of oil barrels,” he added. “The Secretary of the Committee attributed the vacillation in IQD price to its association with the Iraqi political fluctuations and the security situation which holds off investment opportunities,” he concluded. http://www.alliraqnews.com/en/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=37780

[jimt] With the departure of Iraq under Chapter VII and the opening up of foreign trading space and high international trusteeship, it became clear that the Iraqi economy will go toward prosperity, especially with a desire to alimh to enter the investment market despite insecurity in some provinces, the Iraqi dinar exchange rate has moved relatively well against the dollar after the movements of giant investment companies as long as you wish to enter the Iraqi market with hard currency projects as interpreted by analysts that economic well-being and good news A promising economic future as well as to Iraqi assets abroad and $ 76 billion in addition to the 30 tonnes of gold bullion. http://www.microsofttranslator.com/bv.aspx?from=&to=en&a=http%3A%2F%2Falbayaniq.com%2F%3Fp%3D10337



redhead1] Does anyone know how long the average person was involved with the Kuwaiti RV before it funded? Was it this long?

cu4cofy] redhead1 I just know of one guy who walked into the bank with his Kawait dinar and cash out tax free with 27mill…! Phewwwwwwwwwwww..to bad the tax law has changed:(

[redhead1] cu4cofy – has the tax law really changed – I am seeing some references but when I learned that the Congress all have dinar I was not sure it was confirmed – do you know for sure?

[goldman] redhead1 if they hold the Dinar .. they don’t want to pay taxes .. they will pass a tax law best for them .. no Tax

u4cofy] redhead1 I did call the IRS about “currency exchange” and they at that time said no tax…but you can BET once this happends and they see you now have a ton of dough they will call it different


Acronyms for Newbies By: ExtraorDINARy

Dinar Acronyms:
IQD – Iraqi Dinar
VND – Vietnamese Dong
RV – revaluation
RD – redenomination
RI – reinstatement
CE – currency exchange
PTB – powers that be
IMF – International Monetary Fund
BIS – Bank International Settlements
GOI – government of iraq
CBI – Central Bank of Iraq
UST – United States Treasury
CL – Christine Legarde(IMF)
JL – Jack Lew(UST)
ASN – any second now
WF – Wells Fargo
BOA – Bank of America
LOP – removing of zeros (either literally where 25K becomes 25, or merely removing from circulation/streets)
ISX – Iraqi stock exchange
HCL – Hydrocarbon Law (oil & gas related)
EU – European Union
CC – conference call
GCR – Global Currency Reset

Alot more, I’m sure, but a start for the newbies. 😀


FRN – Federal Reserve Note i.e. the money we now use in the USA

IMO-In my Opinion

IMHO-In my Humble opinion

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