Dinarwishes Chat 1-19-12

[DinarWishes] Please understand that the intel has been suspended because we have been asked not to give so many details of of the complexities of that information…. It confounds the wise that some people have just got to stir the pot… Nothing is wrong!!! Nobody is in trouble!!! But, if we are asked to speak in generalities then we will do so….

[DinarWishes] Things are moving forward in the right direction…. It will happen when the PTB choose to let it happen…. this isn’t just about Iraq. If you want to launch the spaceshuttle you need to make sure its right because once it is triggered there is no fixing a problem…

[DinarWishes] Now having said that…. I feel we are very close and hope we are in the final stages of this thing… We have been told many things and some things were true and some were not…. Hindsight is 20/20… So stay positive because it is coming!!!!

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