DinarWishes Chat – And We Wait 3-15-12

10:42 AM EST – 3sIntel – [DinarWishes] Hope you all are doing well and wanted to let you know things look great and progressing along quite nicely IMO.

[booyahoohoho] DinarWishes, really? any intel coming in?

[DinarWishes] booyahoohoho Not a lot of intel coming out… but what is coming out is good…

[booyahoohoho] Hmmmm…. yet we sit here. Do you think this is our week?

[DinarWishes] booyahoohoho I think they don’t want us to know when the time is…. but I feel that it is all down here from now on….

[wyodinar] Is the fact the bank stocks are up and they all passed the stress test bode well for moving this along?

[DinarWishes] wyodinar – Ummm well, yes

[Capt Crunch] I have an non-interest bearing checking account. Its been used for a while now for my wife and me. That should be fine for getting my cash in into this account and then transfer funds out into money market accounts till I decide what to do with those proceeds, yes?

[DinarWishes] Capt Crunch As long as you have a relationship with the bank you should be ok. It’s not what I’m planning on doing because I’m a cautious fellow. I will do checks to transfer so there is a better paper trail. Hope that helps.

[RoseRedTyler] I just asked that question in forums, you are saying you will use personal checks to move money, leaving a paper trail and having total hand control at all times….right?

[DinarWishes] RoseRedTyler Now you got it.

[DinarWishes] drl I really don’t think it has to do with the initial deposit as long as you have a relationship with the bank. It’s moving the money after the initial deposit. They are watching for money laundering.

[superbiz01] Are we hopeful for the next day or two??

[DinarWishes] superbiz01 I’m always hopeful.

[RoseRedTyler] Why are more people not considering that? Get in the NEW car and go do a deposit. Get on airplane and go to your foreign island in Caribbean, open an account and give ’em a cashiers check from your bank. Maybe folks are not able to be that mobile.

[DinarWishes] RoseRedTyler The bulk of the people invested do not have a ton of dinar. People mostly have enough to reset their own lives and start over. Those people are the ones I really hope to help with being wise.

[DinarWishes] wyodinar – I don’t know of any delays…. I’m ready for anything.

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