DinarWishes Chat at 3S’s 1-21-12

[DinarWishes] UPDATE!!!!!!!!!! Sunday night late into Monday morning Early is a Great Window of Opportunity!!!! this is for those who missed it… 9:10 am

[booyahoohoho] DinarWishes DinarWishes so another “window” means still not definite, right? so many windows have come and gone, hate to say it but today i feel like smashing some windows

[DinarWishes] booyahoohoho I will never “call” it… But Im being advised to look for it Sunday night late Early Monday Morning….

[..tigger1] DinarWishes do u have any info on generational wealth or do i just goggle it?

[DinarWishes] ..tigger1 Generational wealth is just that…. It will exist to perpetuate the Generations of your Family to come…. Eventually it becomes OLD money…..

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