DinarWishes Chat at 3S’s Intel 3-18-12

[DinarWishes] I have promised to bring you what I get be it good or bad…. And, from what I am now to understand I will say IMO I will not be looking for this until Tuesday to Thursday… I know that we want it NOW trust me Im with you… But, I feel that the Alignment of the Banks will play a role in this and feel this is our week…. I dont really want to go into many details but its what Im being told…. I hope you can be happy to know we are almost home…

[DinarWishes] So when we dont see this in the morning dont crusify anyone… Please know it is on its way and lets all be adults and put our big boy and girl hats on and get ready…. DONT get upset because you are now in the know…. I stand by what Im saying and always have….

[DinarWishes] RealDeal That is true for the in-country currency…. In-country only…

[DinarWishes] And as far as the Iraqi people being able to take currency out of the country, it’s not gonna happen.

[DinarWishes] RealDeal unless you are currently in Iraq it will effect you if not it won’t…

[susananderson] RealDeal, if a loaf or bread cost you 25,000 dinars before…when you exchange it for the 25 dinar note then you can go and buy the same loaf of bread for 25 dinar instead of 25,000… make sense?

[DinarWishes] susananderson – They are removing the larger notes from the population….

[joyjoyjoyjoy] What does “bank alignment” mean please?

[DinarWishes] joyjoyjoyjoy – All the world’s banks align or are open together on Tuesday through Thursday

[imagine] When you stated that you do not expect cash in until Tues to Thurs is that because you expect banks to implement the 24 hour hold?

[DinarWishes] imagine – It’s what I’ve been told and the reason I was given is
bank alignment.

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