Eagle Flies In With Dinar RV Update 4-25-14

Eagle1 ยป April 25th, 2014, RV or GCR, Part II

Greetings, Family:

After some weeks without providing any updates to the unfolding processes behind the RV and GCR from my intel sources, it seemed appropriate — in view of events currently happening — to give you an overall picture.

After looking back to see what I’d shared in the past, it wasn’t clear if I have expanded for you how the terms “RV” and “GCR” are now being applied within the global banking community.

Whereas “RV” has been in time past, a reference ONLY to the revalue of the Iraqi Dinar, this term is now being used by the IMF and the global banks to refer to ALL of the currencies that are revaluing with any significance.

It may not apply to some currencies with only minor or fractional increases in value. By the same token, the term, “GCR” is now being applied to the total of 198 currencies that will be restructured, whether that restructuring is to the positive or the negative.

The USD is a classic example of a currency about to undergo a major downward shift. I have been informed that the new Treasury notes — sometimes referred to as TRN’s — have been being distributed to all of the major banks, with a trickle-down effect to the smaller and local banks.

When the USD is devalued, the old FRN’s — Federal Reserve Notes — will be taken out of circulation through a natural process of exchange. I’m told that, for those who have substantial amounts of old currency on hand, there will be a relatively short period of time — estimated to be roughly six months — in which people will be able to exchange their FRN’s for TRN’s on a 1:1 basis, minus a three or four percent exchange fee. [I don’t have absolute confirmation of this, so take this information for what it’s worth.]

Without getting into any more date prognostication, we know that things are imminent. However, there is a process that will unfold once the trigger has been pulled, and that’s what I need to share with you.

Let’s say, for example (and that’s all this is!), that the trigger for the general RV got pulled on Sunday night, April 27th. That DOESN’T mean that folks will get to go to the bank on Monday or Tuesday.

Some five banking days have been allotted for large group exchanges. There are several fairly large groups of individuals who have received codes for private exchanges at various banking locations under very secure conditions.

Those groups will have some five days — maybe one or two more, depending on how efficiently everything is carried out — to complete their exchanges.

These private exchanges are designed to get rid of some of the initial flood of traffic into the banks when the GCR is released.

By centralizing many individuals into a few representatives who will act on their behalf with written instructions to the bank, many people can be processed in a very short period of time.

Having completed that, the GCR will now be released globally to the general public. Assuming five or six banking days to complete the private exchanges, this now moves us from Monday, April 28th to May 6th.

Do I know if things will follow that schedule or not? NO!

I’m giving you a hypothetical scenario based on my current understanding of the processes as they are now projected to take place.

Finally, to all my believing brothers and sisters in the Lord, let me give you the same word of counsel I just gave to another group. The spirit of Mammon absolutely hates and detests the idea of God’s people receiving such a transfer of wealth, and this spirit has made every conceivable effort to delay, obfuscate, obstruct and interfere with God’s plan for His people.

We have been given the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, who has been seated in Heavenly places, far above all principality and power, and every name that is named, not only in heaven and earth, but also under the earth!

Let’s begin exercising that authority as believers who are IN CHRIST, and seated with Him. Let’s agree together to bind the spirit of Mammon and put a stop to his lies, his stealing and his killing!

Blessings on you. Eagle1

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