Eagle1 Chats About Bankster Thefts In Greece 3-18-13

bankstersBLUESTAR :There is astonishing news on the global financial front today: Under pressure from Germany, the government of the nation of Cyprus has looted all the bank accounts of private citizens, stealing as much as 10% of their current deposits to bail out globalist banks.

This is the most outrageous act of outright bankster theft yet witnessed in history, and it could set off a chain reaction that has huge ramifications in the USA and around the world.

Eagle1: Good post, Bluestar! I learned of this on Friday. This is precisely what is planned when the USD devalues. What I’ve learned thus far is that the current administration will seize anywhere from 40 – 50% of the monies in retirement accounts, pension funds, IRA’s, 401K’s, checking and savings accounts, stock and bond accounts, mutual funds, etc. as part of the USD reset in order to pay off (or down!) our national debt.

According to my intel, this is slated to take place on or about June 1. My counsel to folks is that they get out of their cash positions, invest in precious metals (preferably the hard gold or silver coins) or gold or silver stocks, or other currencies such as the Dong or Rupiah (or even the Israeli Shekel) that are due to increase significantly in value. Another option is to invest in real estate. Whatever people do, they should be debt free: no mortgage, no auto loan, no credit card debt, no bank loans, etc. With the IQD revaluing, it is important not to cash in any more than you need to pay off your debts. The government can’t take what you don’t have in your bank accounts or various investments.

I also strongly recommend that you invest in staples for your pantry. Unless I’m mistaken, we’re going to see a period of extreme civil unrest here in the U.S. when this takes place. Those who are forewarned can be forearmed and weather the months of chaos easily. Once the USD devalues and we are on the new asset-backed dollar, things will eventually settle back to an even keel and we will see a much more stable economy than we’ve known in the last few years.

If what I’ve heard and learned is anywhere near accurate, we will see more evidence of events similar to the Cyprus confiscation with other countries as a precursor to what will take place here in the U.S.

We have time to plan and take appropriate action. This is no time to panic, but it is also no time to dawdle. Pay attention, folks, to what is happening with other countries!

Blessings on you. Eagle1


I knew this when I first spoke with you and you told me of your plans on how to help others post RV.

Thank you for your continuing education series for all of us on post RV planning and currency watch.



PS If I could, I would like to add this from a Natural News letter already referenced…
How to protect yourself from government theft

As Cyprus clearly demonstrates, we are now entering the era of runaway government theft of private bank accounts. This is a warning sign of deep desperation, and it’s a sign of things to come across the globe. The global debt pyramid is a fictional construct built on a house of cards, and it’s going to come crashing down in a violent, desperate implosion that impacts every nation on the planet.

How can you protect yourself from this theft? Trade dollars for REAL things now, while you still can. Here’s my list of real assets that are far more valuable than dollars, Euros or any other currency:

• Farm land with good topsoil and multiple water supplies (more valuable than gold!)
• Heirloom seeds
• Physical gold and silver (not held in a bank, obviously)
• Farm equipment such as tractors and farm implements
• Firearms and ammunition
• Home food production systems (aquaponics) – see these websites:
http://theaquaponicsource.com (has an awesome online course)


Learn more:

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