Eagle1 Follow Up To Frank26 4-17-13

justmichelle : You really think they are only going to give the citizens a day or two to turn in their ‘000?? I would think they would give them longer then that. If not, wouldn’t there still be quite a few ‘000 still out there, which they are trying to avoid?

Eagle1: Good Morning, Michelle! What’s happening in country as far as gathering in the 3-zero notes is a process that will take some time. That has nothing to do with what takes place outside of Iraq. What it does do is to signal the imminent release of the rate internationally — and that is something we can expect to see within hours or days at most.

Let’s put it this way: they will continue to pull in the 25K, the 10K, the 5K and the 1K notes as rapidly as people bring them to the banks for exchanging to the LD’s, (and that can go on for weeks) but as far as the outside world is concerned, they could easily announce the rate in the early AM Thursday.

Because they’ve declared Thursday a holiday, it would give them the 72 hours they want for the rest of the world, and we could actually see the rate appear on FOREX at the beginning of the business day on Monday.

Watch and see!

Blessings on you. Eagle1

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