Eagle1 – No Longer Just An Iraq Issue 5-27-13

currency resetEnergy-Coach : Eagle1……..I know you are super busy…..but I (we?) had a question……… Is it possible that the IMF will tire of the GOI’s antics and pull them out of the basket that is about to RV…..which includes the Dong……and proceed to do it without them?

Maybe the IQD isn’t the “lynch pin” that has been thought? I sure hope so!
Perhaps it’s time to refocus and set our sights set higher!
Like…..ummmmmmm……the Rupiah?


Eagle1: Good Afternoon: There’s absolutely zero chance the IMF will tire of the GOI’s antics. The GOI is almost — note that I say “almost” — irrelevant to what is taking place.

Again, I repeat what I’ve said before: while Iraq DOES play an important role in this Global Currency Reset, along with the IQD, things have proceeded to the point where this is no longer simply an Iraqi issue.

As an investor friend of mine recently noted, Some 198 countries are going to go through a revaluation/realignment of value (He corrected me on this issue; I’d been saying 168 countries), asset-backed and balanced one to another, and not just self-manipulated Fiat paper to yield advantages due to export or import markets.

The objective has been to generate a situation in which Gold, Silver, Diamonds (and other precious metals), Oil, Natural Gas, Copper, and Minerals back currencies with limitations and consequences that will prevent printing endless quantities and flooding markets with worthless paper.

If it depended on stable governments (multiply this by some 200 countries), this would never, ever get done.

No, this is about Dodd-Frank, Basel III, and a true Global reset of the Babylon II banking system. This should allow for settlements of very old and overdue debts, and provide a true redistribution of wealth.

Some 28 million of us who are fortunate enough, patient enough, wise enough, Blessed enough, to have been included in the profits of this world changing event will now be the ones with the financial responsibility to help expand the Kingdom of God AND to turn this nation around in the process!

That may sound rather grandiose, but can I help it it I’m right?

To answer your question more directly, the VND and the IQD are in this first basket together. The IDR (Rupiah) is in the next basket of 30 currencies.

If everything goes according to plan, we have some two weeks in which to purchase Rupiah. The door will close on that opportunity fairly quickly, so if you plan on taking advantage of the additional multiplication provided to us by the Lord, don’t dawdle!

Lastly, although I haven’t yet seen it, I’m watching for an announcement by Jack Lew today which addresses this GCR. That announcement is due to take place in Hong Kong.

It may have already happened very early today, or it may yet take place sometime this afternoon. If anyone sees or hears of that announcement, I’d appreciate you letting me know.

Blessings on you.


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  1. John L. Norsworthy May 28, 2013 at 10:58 am #

    Randy Koonce. Just wishing that RK would give us a short note or CC on where we are today May 28.

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