Eagle1 Update Chat at GET Forum 7-17-12

7-17-2012 Eagle1: When the FOREX was showing the .16 rate, it also had the initials FRA following. That was a signal to folks in the financial markets to prepare for a rate (I’m assuming this here since I have no hard intel) that we should see probably in the 2013 budget.

The Fixed Rate Agreement and Forward Rate Adjustment signal something that is coming down the pike. Once again, that .16 rate was .16 IQD to 1 Euro, meaning 6.25 Euros per IQD. As already noted, 6.25 Euros is equal to $7.62.

My warning to people was to NOT look for that rate coming out immediately, but rather to expect that as a target rate (read that: future) for the IQD.

The .81 rate which showed up Sunday (and still appears today) is the rate I believe we should expect when the actual RV announcement is made.

It is the first of a probable stairstepped sequence in which we will see the IQD’s value raised to the point where 1 Euro = .81 IQD.

Depending on where the USD happens to be vs. the Basket of Currencies when the announcement is made, that gives us an opening rate of $1.50 – $1.51 per IQD.

If we assume a stairstep in 90-day increments, (And remember, this is speculation! We have no specific intel that tells us what the individual steps will be.) we might look for a $3 or $3+ rate in 90 days with incremental steps until they reach their objective.

The fact that the .81 IQD to 1 Euro continues to show up in Frankfurt and Paris is highly significant. That tells me we have a high possibility — even a probability, if I may be so bold — that we will see something either Tuesday or Thursday of this week. Keep your eyes peeled and your spirits alert!

As I’ve said before, this is the Lord’s doing, and He is on a very accurate and perfect timetable!

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