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Good Morning, Family:

It appears that my last post concerning the USD and Canadian Dollar reset were predicated on some outdated information.

For several months I’ve been told that the Canadian Dollar was going to take a 30-50% hit, and that it would take place within close proximity to the USD devaluation. It’s time to correct that — and this update should be very important to all of us.

As already noted, the Canadian Dollar (CAD) is in the second basket of currencies. That basket is due to be revalued/restructured/realigned sometime by or before June 15.

If we look at the traditional 72 hour hold that takes place when currencies restructure, then I would place this on the weekend of June 15-16, with the new rates to show (in all probability) on the 17th or 18th.

(You understand, of course, that I’m predicating this timeline on general intel which has been provided, and not on having been notified that these ARE the dates.)

In order to explain what is happening with Canada’s currency in the light of updated intel, let me appear to digress momentarily. Let me take you to Genesis 12:3 where we read, “I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” Then I take you to Psalm 122:6-7, where we read, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee. Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces.”

One of the most consistent nations to stand with Israel AND Jerusalem has been the nation of Canada. Prime Minister Steven Harper has been a strong advocate of Israel and has even rebuked the Obama administration for its wishy-washy attitude towards Israel. I believe that we are seeing a fulfillment of the promise of God to Canada.

Earlier I repeated what I’ve been told for months — namely that Canada’s Dollar would take a 30-50% hit during the first two weeks of June. That has changed.

I do not claim to know what dynamics are in play economically to call for this dramatic reversal, but I can tell you that the CAD is expected to gain somewhere between 10 and 20 cents against the USD (and the basket of currencies) during this time frame. That is VERY GOOD NEWS for all of us!

I’m not telling folks to rush out and buy the Canadian Dollar as a great investment. What I am telling you is that the CAD is probably a great haven to protect your dollars during the time frame of the USD’s shifting and changing.

Canadian currency is readily available and readily exchangeable at most banks and financial institutions around the country.

There has also been an update and some clarification as to the devaluation of the USD and the massive changes coming to our nation’s entire economic structure.

As already noted, the USD is in the third basket of 30 currencies. Those currencies are due to complete their restructuring by the weekend of June 29-30. Following the same line of logic concerning the traditional 72 hour hold, we can expect to see this currency shift completed and “live” by July 1 or 2.

There will still be 113 currencies that need to restructure/revalue/realign in the months that follow, and that will play directly into what happens with our U.S. Dollar. We come back to the significance of what takes place with the IQD, and the pivotal role it plays in this whole Global Currency Reset.

So much has depended on the IQD, and because of the inordinate delays of this taking place, the GCR is behind schedule. For that reason, what I’ve seen is a tremendous acceleration of this whole process, and the effort to get this completed prior to October of this year.

Here’s what I know (or have been told) thus far concerning the coming changes to the USD.

By the weekend time-frame of June 29/30/July 1/2, the USD is going to lose 50% of its value against world currencies. This is not a gradual change; it is an all-at-once change. Most Americans will feel next to nothing immediately when it takes place, in the same way that most Iraqis will feel nothing immediately when the IQD goes international at its projected $3+ rate.

Where the changes will begin to be felt is in the cost of imported goods and goods manufactured abroad. One of the long-term benefits that I see coming from this is that for many U.S. manufacturers, it will suddenly be economically viable for them to bring their operations back to the U.S. — and that will be good for our economy.

Now then, the next three months following this devaluation will see a rocking back and forth of the USD’s value abroad as the remaining currencies go through their shifts. A number of currencies in nations with which we trade will devalue, and that will result in an increase of value of the USD against those currencies. Where this all lands remains to be seen.

Where Americans are REALLY going to feel the bite in their pocket books is in the time frame between October 7th/8th to the 14th.

That’s when the U.S. Treasury is expected to call in all of the old “greenbacks” and exchange them for the new asset-backed U.S. Dollar. When you go to the back to turn in your 10’s, 20’s, 50’s, 100’s, etc., you will get back 50 cents on the dollar. If you turn in $1,000 USD in currency, you’ll walk out of the bank with $500 in your pocket.

If there’s an upside to this, it is that the USD will be done with its shift and change, and we will have a dollar that actually has some worth to it instead of the “funny money” the FED has been continuing to print (and has notified us that they are stopping!)

If you are looking to minimize the impact of this change in value, then I’d suggest you hang onto as much IQD or VND during this three-month time frame as you can. Divest yourself of as much USD as you can by investing in other foreign currencies which will revalue (and we’ll be talking more about that in the next few days), or precious metals, or lands and real estate holdings.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of being invested (once the RI/RV takes place) and remaining invested in the IQD or the VND, or something like the Canadian Dollar (which will NOT lose value) as much as possible.

Wish I could tell you how this will affect IRA’s, 401-K’s, and other retirement accounts, but I don’t have any clarification on that yet. As soon as I get more clarification, I will pass it along.

Finally, it is really important to all of us that we understand that this is a blessing from the Lord. Does He want us to prosper? Of course He does. But, we’re not the focus of this blessing — He is!

If you want to continue to walk in the ongoing blessing and the continuing prosperity to follow, make sure that you bring the firstfruits of your blessing to the Lord. I’m not talking about your tithes, and I’m not talking about seed-sowing otherwise; I’m referring specifically to taking the first — and the BEST — of the blessing of whatever you profit by.

Present that to the Lord. Sow it into some ministry that is producing fruit for the Kingdom of God. Give the Lord something to work with to continue the multiplication back to you for the future.

We’re there, folks! We’re there! The first basket of currencies is in the midst of its revaluation/restructuring/realignment. It is going all at once. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open.

Blessings on you.


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