Enormous Pressure – Mt Goat 3-20-14

Hi Everyone,

The news of today – Es ist wunderbar! Is all I can say.

I just wanted to pop out and give you a very short summary as to where I hear we are right at this moment.

I know all my recent news letters have been long but we all need to know truly what is going on so the wolfs don’t continue to pull the wool over our eyes. Do you all know what this saying means?

There is so much news once again pouring out of all channels. I simply have to ignore all those repeats of articles and lies and concentrate on my credible sources. There is much sorting through garbage.

Sources that have proven to be reliable and telling me verifiable truth over these last couple months.

I have to tell you now this – in that they try and try to confuse us all but they don’t know my extent of knowledge in this matter and true honest connections that I have. So the truth be told!

All news is so good right now we might see this GCR and best of all finally the grand ending, the ending we all have been waiting for so long. Hang in there and stay calm! It is coming to us shortly.

Many have asked to come and visit my village in Deutschland, stay with me and learn. So now I bring you a bit of my homeland. I hope you too see that life can be good if it is simple and free since God does give us all we need with or without an RV.

There is enormous pressure from everyone involved to see this GCR through to conclusion and do it now.

Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat

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