Frank and Delta CC Notes 5-30-12

Compliments of Frank & Delta

Shabibi on Iraqia TV- He has had no problems with Maliki
Shabibi on Iraqia TV- Maliki trying to take over the CBI not true
Shabibi on Iraqia TV- Tells GOI to stop lies and Rumors
Shabibi on Iraqia TV- Says a new plan implemented(note) Past tense
Shabibi on Iraqia TV- They need coordination between CBI and GOI(note) That is happening right now

CBI said on Iraqia TV- No new laws are needed to implement raising the value of the IQD

All indications are the CBI is ready!

Tariff Laws moved to June 30 and Finance Committee said they are committed to implement the Tariff Laws

50 company’s coming into Iraq from Kuwait the last 3 days of May(note) Before Tariff Laws June 1?Minister of Transportation signed or signs the 50 company’s from Kuwait today or tomorrow(note)Dinar international?

No confidence in Maliki is not true

Everything coming out of the GOI about Maliki is not true

Others in the GOI are trying to discredit Maliki to get his power

Even in the event of a no confidence vote, Maliki will be in charge with a transitional governmentMaliki is not going anywhere and will be there for the RV

It’s a waste of time reading all the articles about a no confidence vote on Maliki

Maliki is working hard to get coordination with the CBI(note)It’s happening right now

U.S. is happy with Maliki and Maliki was told to clean up the mess in the GOI in the next few days

June 7, IMF and GOI are going to meet……….. Hmmmmmmmmm

June 15, UNSC meeting with GOI for chapter 7 release

Kuwait said on Iraqia TV- They want Iraq released from chapter 7 right awayThe belief is the IQD has a very good chance of going up to an acceptable international rate between June 1- 7

Compliments of Frank & Delta

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