Frank Explains CBI Website 1-17-14

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Frank26 “I did not water mark this post so it can be of help to the internet when copied.”

Greetings Family,

On our CC’s this past Monday and Tuesday we shared with you good information and guided your direction to better understand what the CBI is doing with its website.

I have learned not to open all of our presents at once. Even though I made a Blue Post yesterday preparing you for what you might see today……..I can understand that it still requires further explanation. So let’s open up another three more presents for now.

First let’s start with the CBI website. Did it come back up today? 99.9% of you will say yes …….based on the fact that you see the English side ……but what’s on the Arabic side?

Nothing…..and that is the most significant thing to realize.

Family……go to any central bank’s website (hence why I told you yesterday that you can now find them in KTFA Premium all 167 of them) and take note of this. They are all in their own language.

“THE” official website of a country’s central bank is only in their language.

Yesterday we told you they would ONLY work on the Arabic side……said it was logical……remember?

Now with that said…….absorb this………today on the CBI website English side……you saw outdated info because there was nothing to translate up to date from the Arabic side. What we are seeing on the English side is useless.

So let me ask you once again……did the CBI website come up today? No. That is correct. They are still working on it Family. For anyone to vent today would be worthless.

The individual would be complaining about what he saw …….not understanding it…….and wasting energy only creating negativity. That’s why I felt the importance to make this Blue Post.

Let’s open the second present.

The CBI today says to the world that they are accepting open bids for tender. In the financial world this is the CBI saying we are looking for someone to help us with a project.

The CBI says that this tender bid must be secured with 50,000 IQD’s. IMO……I do not believe the CBI wants anyone to help them with finances. IMO…….there is a website that was hosted by a company in Texas whose services are no longer required. Bye bye old website. Hello new CBI website.

This open bid is for………TECHNOLOGY!

I wonder what they are doing to the CBI website and why they are asking for technical help? (LOL!!! I couldn’t help it)

Now check this out. 50,000 IQD to secure this bid is so that the CBI can filter out anyone that is not serious with their tender bid. LOL……that’s about $50 USD.

This type of non-refundable money to get in the game of the CBI accepting tender bids can only be viewed as a joke.

Unless we are talking about a program rate three or four times what it is now. At 1166 ………just the suggestion of 50,000 IQD’s is an insult to anyone introducing a tender bid to the CBI whether it’s for financial or technological help.

KTFA Family…….here’s a new but true concept for you. Whenever you see 1166 ……..from now on I want you to look at it like this -1166. The program rate when used in calculations is a negative number on the international world stage. Put this in your memory.

This second present that we just opened is the reason why we have not seen THE OFFICIAL CBI WEBSITE come back up yet. How’s that for a light bulb?

Now let’s open present number three.

Why does the CBI want to get away from their Texas server……..which by the way they started the process of leaving them two years ago. Because……they want their own IP !!!

They want to be in CONTROL of their own CBI website. Hmmm…… mean like all of the other 167 central bank websites? You mean they want to be big boys like the international world?

Here’s what I mean…….the IMF told them to get into Article 8……ASAP !!! Indeed…….that’s what I see them doing.

So now you understand there are no buy/sell figures…….there is no 1166 posted……there is no CBI official website up yet. DELTA….NOVA and I feel that the CBI is working on the monetary reform in conjunction with the IMF.

At times it may seem like they are trying to lead us astray……or pulling our chain but we are too focused in the study of what they are doing. To be involved in this investment cannot afford emotions to drown your attentions to your studies.

I did not get involved with the IQD to fail……nor have some of the most powerful organizations in the world in just the last few month plan to fail either.

We see the CBI trying to take full control of all the IMF requirements. This is exciting and it should be an honor to be involved on such an epic moment in world monetary history. They want this tender bid within 21 days…..let’s keep studying together KTFA Family.

Are there any more presents to open up from us to you? Yes. Should we open them now? No.

I do things with purpose and very rarely just on purpose. Timing is important not only in music but in the rhythm of understanding this insane investment of ours called the IQD. No one knows the date and no one knows the rate of when they will raise the value of the IQD.

But I can promise you that we will open more presents of studies on Monday and Tuesday’s CC’s.

My Christian love and Aloha. KTFA, Frank

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