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frank26BulldogFord65 » June 17th, 2013, 11:54 pm • Here are tonight’s conference call notes. Blessings to all!

Frank26 IQD Conference Call Monday, June 17, 2013

• Frank began the conference call with prayer, and Andy lifted the prayer with the shofar blast

Frank began the IQD discussion

• I Teams are no longer protecting the ministers as the meetings are over; S and Z have gone to Washington DC, and then maybe on to NYC; Frank reviewed his “For ME Family” post and walked through the explanation

• 43 left DC just as S and Z were landing; 43 told O what to do

• I Team also reported there were 2 others on the plane, but no comment on who they were; they were only there for a “touch down” and then left; speculation is that is was the Emir and PM of Kuwait

• I Teams confirm that everything is “good to go”

• Notice that the GOI is not on vacation as they should be now – why? In Frank’s opinion it is because the budget is near release

• Frank can only confirm the party traveled to DC, and speculates that they have moved on to NYC to the UN

• Reminder from Frank that S and the CBI are completely independent of M and the GOI by design, and the USA has protected S throughout this time; recall the meeting that Turki was sent to recently to deliver a strong message to M – it became very heated, and M has been behaving; although Turki delivered the message, he was being controlled by the USA; why?? Iran

• Frank showed the news article from the local paper about the elections in Iran “sparking new hope for nuke talks” mission accomplished; watch for N Korea to follow suit and desire to talk about their program as well; M was used for his great influence, however he became out of control and had to be reeled back in

• Frank addressed the post on the forum asking if chpt 7 could be lifted without an international rate; when Frank replied that everything is under study, it created a flap – reminder that we should not read into the response, take it at face value, Frank and his teams literally study everything and no, there is no question about the currency becoming international

• Iraq is going to the UN to go from Chpt 7 to Chpt 6; who controls chpt 6, the IMF? No, the UN; chpt 6 are sanctions from the UN Security Council put on Iraq for the war crimes and aggressions against their own citizens (the Kurds) and other countries (Kuwait, scud attacks); there is only a single shred of chpt 7 remaining, international currency status; S and Z can lay out all that’s been accomplished, showing they have done everything the IMF required, and then ask the UNSC if they are satisfied?

• The IMF is the one that appointed Shabibi; the IMF is in control of permissions to countries to raise the value of their currency; there is no link to an article or condition that explicitly states that the value of the currency must be lifted before the chpt 7 can be lifted,

however, obeying the direction of the IMF and satisfying their plan IS a condition of chpt 7; an international currency is one of the directives of the IMF to Iraq, so, they must have an international currency to meet the IMF requirements, and meeting the IMF requirements is necessary to get out of chpt 7; and where is S right now??? USA………. “TA DA”

• Notice that M is not on this trip – he has fulfilled his usefulness; Zabari came because Talibani’s health does not permit

• Reminder not to ask again about a link to show raising of the value of the currency as part of Chpt 7 release; look at the patterns and conclusions of the studies from Frank and his teams


• There is a UNSC vote on June 27 regarding lifting chpt 7; fireflies at the UN already reporting that they will vote to release them; there may be posturing in the media, but in Frank’s opinion, it’s already decided

• Why is Frank so confident in his opinion? Remember meeting #2 and 3 last week, there were many dignitaries there from other nations; why would they be there if it’s a question if they will be released on June 27?? Look at the line-up of nations and corporations ready to do business with Iraq and look at the fact (not rumor) that Mastercard is going in

• Frank does want to see that the Qi cards are distributed on June 19, or between the 19th and the 27th, even if they are not activated at the time they are distributed

• S took the numbers to O and 43 (to give respect to the AoP), and then Frank’s opinion on to the UN; now we need to see the Qi cards distributed between June 19 – 27; and then chpt 7 release on June 27

• After the 27th, the IMF should not be part of the vocabulary going forward as Article 4 bridged them and with chpt 7 release, all is fulfilled for the IMF

• Frank cannot and will not give a date or a rate; just learn, study take it to God in prayer, and then have faith and peace; stay steadfast and be strong – PREPARE YOURSELF; when the blessing occurs, go to church! Give thanks and praise!

Eagle1 came on the call at this point

• Eagle1 gave an update to the 1st basket; in Eagle1’s opinion the 1st basket is being released tonight; Frank asked if we can say in his sources’ opinions that it will go tonight?

Eagle1 confirmed that it is in his sources’ opinions that it will go tonight, and the IQD is in the first basket, so is the VND; there are 25 currencies

• Frank asked about the source? It’s the same source that’s been with Eagle1 throughout, and there was back up to the source from a political authority

• Frank asked if Eagle1 plans to cash out any IQD as soon as the rate comes out? No, Eagle1 plans to wait 6 months to a year; Frank asked if he’s waiting 6 months or so to do anything on the IQD, does Eagle1 have a back-up currency? Eagle1 replied yes, he does have a back-up currency for the short term that he would consider exchanging

• In Eagle1’s opinion from his sources’ opinions, it looks like the IQD will come out at 3.43, then close to double in a year; this is a RUMOR and OPINION

• Frank asked Eagle1’s opinion about S showing up in the USA at this time? Eagle1’s opinion is that he is here for a “victory lap” and to possibly work with some of our government officials; O has NOTHING to do with this

• Eagle1 spoke with WF and they are well-apprised of what’s going on and they are ready, the system is ready nationwide; they are giving green lights and thumbs up!

Bluestar came on the call at this point

• Bluestar asked Eagle1 asked how, in his opinion, the baskets will go? Eagle1 said basket 2 might be released later this week, but in his personal opinion, it will go this coming weekend and be out by Monday, and basket 3 one week later, wrapping them all up by July 1

• Bluestar asked about additional investment opportunity? In Eagle1’s opinion, there may only be up to 72 hours to invest in another currency in basket 2, and to try to study if there is anything worth investing in basket 3; Eagle1 said at this time it’s not clear how the remaining 113 currencies will be handled, will they go at once or be broken up?

• Bluestar asked about Frank’s opinion that the Qi cards are very important, either distributed or at the banks ready for distribution between the 19th and the 27th; Frank said we need to see evidence of the cards

• Frank commented this is strictly a RUMOR: bank sources saying that a lot of currencies are going up next week, and the VND is going up next week and will be in short supply

• Frank’s bank contact said they have been aware of what S has been doing for the last year because of the monetary reform of the currency of Iraq started with a CPA #40 (Coalition Provisional Authority #40); it is the domino that started the currency reform that S finished, and it’s under the UNSC; one of the conditions of the UNSC is to fulfill the conditions of the IMF

• Andy question to Eagle1 about taxes – still no firm answers yet, and a lot of conflicting reports, no one really knows what the taxes are going to be

• Frank asked Eagle1 if he has any opinion on where the VND will come out? In Eagle1’s opinion, it will come out at 0.4778

• Bluestar asked if we’re waiting for one currency to come out to start the GCR train? Eagle1’s opinion is that this is about the world, not about one country/currency, this plan has been structured and put in place the last 10 years, and while the IQD is pivotal in the plan, there is not one currency that moving the train;

Eagle1’s opinion is that a political situation in a particular country does not change the nation’s asset base; if the political situation becomes very unstable (like Syria), in his opinion the UN would likely place sanctions on the nation, and the IMF would freeze their currency at a program rate

• Frank called on everyone to remember there is no date, there is no rate, information presented is rumor or opinion; focus on praising God for our blessings; go to bed, get some rest, and give thanks!

• Delta was not on tonight because he’s still “hunting,” following the tracks – a lot of tracks were left behind

Frank ended the call with prayer, and Andy lifted the prayer with the shofar horn blast

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