Frank26 CC Notes – UN Decides Chapter VII Today 6-27-13

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Hello Family: Here are the CC notes. May we each dwell a little longer in our prayers tonight, giving praise and thanks for all of our abundant blessings, those we already have, and those yet to come. Blessings to you all!
“If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be; if any man serve me, him will my Father honor.” John 12:26 KJV

Fank26 IQD Update after Investment Night Wednesday, June 26, 2013

• Frank showed his respect to what is about to happen in Iraq, congratulations to them for what they have done to be released from CH7 tomorrow

• Article regarding the MoP will absorb unemployment after CH7 – but not at 1166 rate, or it would have been done over the past few years!

• We look to the release from CH7 tomorrow at the UNSC meeting (11:00 AM EDT on UN webcast)

• Delta posted yesterday that removing CH7 will make them recognized internationally and their currency tradeable; this was the World Bank/IMF mandate to Iraq, and obeying all mandates is required to lift CH7

• The current stock market in Iraq is “penny stocks” but they are poised for explosive growth with real value and article that the stock market will grow the infrastructure – can’t do that on penny stocks

• Just because CH7 is lifted tomorrow does not mean that we must see a rate tomorrow, the next period of study is June 27 – July 7; be patient and don’t worry if we don’t see a rate tomorrow

• Articles stating Iraq poised to lead economies of developing nations, but how can they do that without revaluing their currency?

• Many articles stating they will conclude contracts with giant corporations, again, how can they do that with 1166 rate? They cannot

• Article: Iraq is an excellent environment to bring large companies to invest, and says with lifting of CH7, the currency will rise to the presence of giant companies and add prosperity to the investment; this is obviously stating that the value of the currency will rise

• Walkingstick 6/25 thread post 435 states Iraq will have complete sovereignty with release from CH7

• Article: Ministers and dept of service will push the wheel of development to assume a new position in the world; this is powerful!

• Article: Exit from CH7 will stop thievery of the IQD

• Turki refused to obey Maliki, and stood his ground; he did his job, and he stood with S, IMF and Christine Legard; M is now behaving again, his value is as a buffer between Iraq and a neighbor; important: Turki did not take advantage of his position like M did, he has played by the rules; Turki has now been elected VP of the SAI – S has been in control of the CBI from the shadows, and that’s why he’s in NYC now

• M is behaving and continues to try to insert himself into all that’s happening, but he has no control

• Walkingstick 6/25 thread post 314 details exactly what full sovereignty upon release from CH7 means; review this post; important – sovereignty means the stability of the exchange rate and value against other currencies

• Post from Zeke, notice that anytime IQD is mentioned, it’s always paired to the US$

• Frank reviewed some of the posts from forum members

• Ramjet forum member will be a power for healing

• Article about benefit from the funds without need to borrow from international banks; no way Iraq can survive on 1166 and not need to borrow from the IMF – notice there is no talk of SBA’s being extended; they must raise the value of the currency

• Where’s Barzani? I Team was dispatched to Baghdad 2 days early; news article that Barzani will return to Baghdad – watch for him returning, in Frank’s opinion it could mean something

• Article stating as soon as released from CH7 they will sue the Emir of Qatar; there is something about this article, but it needs more analysis

• Article title translation actually said lifting CH7 will drop 000; this article is very meaty and states that the value of the currency will rise in global markets

• Sony electronics entered the Iraqi market with a strong presence before CH7 lifted – why??

• Walkingstick 6/25 thread post 466 article after 2 decades of sanctions they are smashing the blockades

• JJonesMX article that the Fed is to release bank Basel III final rules and other rules; this is why Frank keeps Eagle1 by his side

• Frank opened up a new file

• Whenever God does something, he does it abundantly; remember that Babylon is ancient Eden, the resources of creation are still there; we are ending where we began

• There is a website that Frank wants us to watch, it’s important we pay attention to this; go to: , telephone 1-800-444-8317 ; Atlas will also add this to KTFA Premium; why important? If the dollar goes up in value, what happens to gold? Goes down – they are reciprocal

• Eagle1 has been teaching about Basel III and Bernake is pulling back from QE; a large basket of currencies is about to come out, and as the world currencies are about to go up in value, precious metals are going down; watch metal prices from now through July 7

• The VND review will be moved to Monday

• Frank closed with prayer

• I Team report after prayer: review of I Team report from yesterday, they had only one thing to say : “it’s about to break loose” which does not necessarily mean the rate; today the report is “it’s going to start hopping”; I Team’s job is to secure; they believe that 50% of insurgents have been controlled and contained, and the Iraqi people helped! This is a huge sign that they have a growing confidence in their government, currency, and in their future

• I Team report that all is still moving in a positive direction, and US troops are pairing with Iraqi troops to train and contain

• If we see something happen before Monday, there will be an emergency CC

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  1. Fred Watters June 28, 2013 at 6:03 am #

    Dinarwatchdog, How can we invest/leverage the Iraq Stock Market before the RV since after RV the Iraq Stock market will see explosive growth, and not just for now but long into the future of Iraq’s Financial well being.

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