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no-rumorsMax says, “Hallelujah! No more Rumors, No more Lies! I want to believe that is so, however my gut says it ain’t so.”

BulldogFord65 » October 24th, 2013, FRANK26 IQD CONFERENCE CALL

IQD Update

• frank believes it’s imperative to state something that was missed – on monday’s call, frank and nova tried to impress on everyone that there are no rumors any longer,

all the information that is being relayed is fact, not rumor; we are no longer seeing agreements or negotiations, we are seeing implementation;

what was “missed” by most are in two articles brought in by walkingstick; the first is the goi telling the cbi to implement the full payment to egypt;

this is amazing because we must go back to april when egypt requested to borrow money from iraq – that was the agreement, now we see the implementation;

to implement, there must be a rate; the article stated that they need to “recalculate” to a different figure, coming out or around $3.60 – $3.70

• the second article is the cooperation of the goi and the cbi, they are pointed toward one another, and they are now united and working together, they are recalculating the money on all the agreements that were made previously

• post 262 from walkingstick, article states the same thing, agreement from 2012 and goi is asking the cbi to implement payment now

• the remaining debt to paris is being recalculated

Nova came on the call at this point

• Frank stated again that at this point there are no rumors, all is verifiable fact

• Nova stated that the only way iraq can be article 8 compliant is to use the iqd to pay their debts internationally

• Frank asked that the family study what’s going in china, pay attention to asia; frank also stated that he and eagle1 agree on almost all things, that he respects all of eagle1’s intel and opinions, that eagle1 posts only on ktfa, and they will work together after the rv –

one point they are not in total agreement is that eagle1 believes all 198 currencies will revalueat once, and frank believes there will be baskets, and the first basket will have approximately 20 currencies

Delta came on the call at this point

• Delta extended greetings to everyone; he did not intend to speak again until after the rv, but due to so many requests he’s speaking tonight; Delta and Frank are still working closely together,

they are brothers in christ and their relationship has not changed, there simply was no further updated needed; no one should be anxious or concerned that delta is not on the calls, nothing has changed; they continue to work together, but the things they discuss cannot be shared until after the rv

• Delta’s update from iraq: talibani is not dead, but he’s quite ill and really cannot speak, so it’s very doubtful he can act as president; the kurds are searching for a candidate for the elections next year

• there has been ratification of the agreement between the eu and iraq, this is very important

• there is nothing new/no update on qi cards; they still cannot be used internationally

• the currency in iraq is in bad shape physically (torn, worn) and they are still calling for the cbi to replace the currency

• Delta said that the story that nadia brought on monday about western union was really important and is fact; on the moneygram website, it will not accept transactions for iraq; right now, money cannot be sent by wu or mg, and this is really exciting

• regarding the sofa agreement: there are 2 parts, the first part dealt with the army and troop withdrawl, the second part deals with economy and trade; can see the agreement on the ust website

• Delta read the highlights of the sofa agreement in arabic and then translated (realize that internet translations often change the meaning or don’t get it right, so take care when using internet translation)

• the hightlights: there is trade and investment framework agreement between the usa and iraq which recognizes the urgent need to revive the iraqi economy and bolster private sector development, and further integrate iraq into the world economy; the joint commission on iraq development and reconstruction

• this agreement shall enter into force on the day that the goi notifies the usa that all legal agreements have been fulfilled; this is a great agreement, and recall that m is coming to the usa on november 1

• iraqi tv has reported that m is going to usa to activate the second part of the sofa agreement

• the usa gave iraq a benchmark, or “home work” to do; the un released iraq from chpt 7 on jun 27, but the rv was not accomplished because the sofa agreement needed to be fulfilled;

to activate the second part of sofa, iraq must be article 8 compliant with the imf – they must have freedom of movement of capital, meaning they must have international currency

• it is not possible for iraq to be article 8 compliant at 1166 rate; the imf said they will support iraq dinar only with terp law and lifting 3 zeros; 1166 is an artifical program rate, it does not reflect the true value of the iqd

• 2 ½ years ago, ernst and young audited iraq and they came up with a rate of $1.32 that was supportable at that time, imagine what they can support now with all the investment and development in the past 2 ½ years

• from the cbi, they are saying the 3 zero currency will coexist for at least 3 years, and between banking institutions they will continue to use for 10 years

• turki came to dc, invited to the g20 meetings, this was very impressive to have iraq invited to the g20; opinion is that behind closed doors turki reported on what they are doing, that they will increase the value of the iqd, and received permission to move ahead, but this is confidential

• Delta has 100% confirmation that the ld’s exist, they have been printed and will be released with the new rate

• turki has gone to china; all is set, ready to go; m has a meeting with o and perhaps will see an announcement when turki comes back from china – delta stated that he does not now the date or rate, so this should not be taken as a date

• Delta is very confident that the new rate will be released in 2013, and in his opinion only, he believes that before thanksgiving (in usa) we could see something, but again, there is no date or rate

• Delta does not expect anything to happen while turki is out of iraq, and turki will return to iraq on oct 27 or 28

• there is an election in march for president of iraq, and if nothing happens to m, he could win a third term

• Frank said there is another 3-day holiday in iraq that was just announced; delta said there is no official announcement from the goi yet; frank believes we may see an announcement of the holiday from the goi in the next day or two

• Nova said he finds it fascinating that iraq was invited to the g20, that iraq released to the world how they are going to back their currency, and we see the cny will part of the deal, then t goes directly to china and m is scheduled to go to the usa – this is not coincidence; delta agreed, this is an exciting time

• Nova asked delta if the people in iraq really understand that the agreements are being implemented? Delta said most people are not aware, they are looking for jobs, but there are those who watch and understand and are aware; the citizens are focusing on seeing improvements in infrastructure

• Delta said no matter what indicators are looked at, all point to the rv

• Nova asked delta how the rd will be managed? Will it be thru the qi cards? Delta agrees that the qi cards will be a tool to manage the rd – it will be confusing for many people to understand that after rv, the notes without 3 zeros have the same value as the 3 zero notes now

• Nova said of course we want to see as high of a rate as possible, but realistically, the number cannot be totally out of sync with other global currencies such as the usd and cny;

Delta agreed, and said going back to the mof, the value must be at least $1.16, and then come up gradually; it would be very confusing to the iraqi people if the iqd is very different from the usd –

they can understand 1:1 but coming out over 3:1 or some other number, would be very confusing for the citizens, and then raise over time

• Nova is not advocating any rate, his point is that in his opinion, we maybe seeing a rate more in balance with other world currencies, and may grow to the $3+ range; nova’s opinion is that setting expectations more closely to 1:1 will not lead to any disappointment,

but expecting a much higher rate may lead to disappointment; delta agrees, it would be great to see 3+ but realistically, in his opinion somewhere from 0.86 to 1.16 is likely for the iqd to come out; the take away for delta is that he wants to see any rate come out, cash in a little, save the rest and wait for the value to rise

• nova asked delta if the situation in syria will have any effect on the stability of the iqd? No, delta does not believe it will, and gave example of other countries in turmoil and their currency remained stable; nova said this being true, why would anyone want to get rid of all their dinar?

Bluestar came on the call at this point

• bluestar asked how can iraq come out at this late stage with a rate of 0.86 – 1.16; his opinion is that it’s much higher? Delta’s opinion is that in iraq they will come out with a lower rate and the value will increase over time; recall that this is being done for the iraqi citizens, not for us, they do not want to confuse the citizens of iraq, and in delta’s opinion, it will increase in value slowly

Frank opened the lines to take questions

• caller: in caller’s opinion, due to investment and strengthening of the economy, the rate will come out higher; delta replied to recall the plan from s and the council of ministers that they would come out at 1:1; mop website shows calculation of 1.16 and then increase; delta’s opinion still is that the rate in iraq will be 1:1 or a little higher

• bluestar asked delta if he agrees the rate will come out on the cbi and then we’ll see the gcr? Yes, delta agrees

• caller: what has the aop said about the rate, and has it changed? Frank replied that the aop wanted 3.2108 plus 20% which equals 3.86; delta agrees that’s a target to reach in time,

but delta does not believe it will come out at 3.86; nova agrees with frank about the target of 3.86, but the aop has not said when they want it to reach this target

• bluestar said he made 7 calls to western union and was told there is no problem to send less than $300 to iraq with valid id; he asked if he can send usd and they receive usd – yes; can he send in usd and they receive in iqd – yes; money can be sent, but not on-line due to a “business decision”;

nova said it’s possible they will not allow the on-line transaction because the computer system has the new rate; delta then observed that just as nadia reported on monday’s call,

she was able to send the money, but it was not recevieved in iraq, delta also confirmed that moneygram is not sending; delta said what is important is the pattern change – why has there been a change in the handling of the transactions to iraq ?

Western union has transacted into iraq for years – why all of a sudden now they have suspended some transactions? This is how western union makes their money, why would they stop doing transactions unless something is going on?

• caller: why would the iraqi people have to be educated when at one time their rate was 1:$3.22? Delta replied it’s been 20 years since the program rate was instituted, so it’s been a long time, there is a generation that has not experienced 3.22; also, s told them that the 3 zeros will be deleted, so a lot of people don’t know what’s going on; the people need to be educated

• caller: there are some banks in guardianship; is it necessary for them to come out of guardianship before the rv can happen? Delta replied there are 2 banks, warka and another bank, but warka is doing well; these 2 banks’ status has no impact on the rv

• caller: he has heard reports that m is in dc today – is that confirmed? Also, isn’t is good for the rv to happen while m is still in office so that he an o can pose for the cameras and make it look like they are the 2 that made it happen?

Frank replied that in his opinion the rv should happen before m comes to dc. Delta replied that iraq must have international currency and article 8 compliant before the trade agreements can be activated;

delta said m is not in dc, he’s scheduled to arrive on oct 28 or 29, he could come earlier, but there is no confirmation that m is in dc now

At this point, eagle1 came on the call

• eagle1 stated he has contacts in dc (one who served in the first term of o’s administration) who are telling him that there is a delegation of 9 people from the goi in dc in a meeting now –

does delta know what the meeting is about? Delta replied eagle1’s intel is exactly correct, they are getting everything ready for the big event, they are discussing a lot of different topics and taking care of paperwork

• eagle1 stated that according to his source, there is an attempt to renegotiate some of the original terms of the agreement made by s during the bush administration, regarding a change in how the iqd wil be exhcanged in terms of paying off the national debt of the usa; delta does not have any additional information, but he knows what eagle1 is talking about

• bluestar said there is symbolism in m’s arrival in dc; bluestar said in his opinion, m may join the delegation here, big celebration in dc, and then return to iraq “victorious,” or the annoucement could be made in iraq, and then m comes?

Delta replied it’s anyone guess, they can do anything, and delta’s opinion is that we may well see the announcement by the cbi before m comes to dc – in any case, the cbi will make the announcement

• bluestar said that maybe there will not be a big celebration so that most americans remain ignorant to the rv and what is happening

• caller: asked why wouldn’t the dinar come out at least equal to the euro? Iraq actually has the asset to back their currency where the euro does not; why wouldn’t it be at least equal to the euro?

Delta replied it’s an excellent question, and it’s very possible – it could come out equal to the euro or pound, $1.25 – $1.50; delta is more concerned that international status is given than what the starting rate will be

• caller: caller said he called western union, and they said yes, they can send money to iraq, but they cannot guarantee it will be received in iraq; he also called moneygram and they said they cannot send money to iraq as of sept 22 due to “regulations”

• frank said he knows why delta said farewell 2 months ago, and why he has come back tonight, and hopes that we will be having thanksgiving dinner in hawaii

• frank does not believe that wf will be doing any business with him, so when the rv happens, frank will turn over whatever information he has, and then will go to hawaii

• delta encouraged everyone to go slow when the rv happens, to stop and think, take time making decisions; delta wished everyone well and god bless

I team report

• frank said i team called just before the start of the conference call, and he was surprised as he has not heard from them in 10 days

• i team called to report one thing, a follow up to their last call with frank; on their last call to frank i team reported “iraq now has to cut the bait and start fishing;” i team’s report for tonight is “they are now fishing” meaning they are working on all that is needed for international status

• frank has a team that went to wf and said they want to close their non-interest bearing account (as a test) and a manager came out, took them into his office, and said they strongly advise waiting just a few more days before closing their account

Frank closed the call with prayer, and andy lifted the prayer with the shofar horn blast

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