Frank26 & Delta CC Notes 4-23-13

Frank’s CC Notes 4.22.2013 126 minutes
By cshessman


GOI pulls a fast one on the citizens to bring in their triples zeros but banks were not ready.

GOI posts on TV and tickers on TV during the day. Many confirmations that these things were actually seen but the end results were a false alarm.

Sounds like Malaki lost the elections.

ISO number necessary? Friday night emergency call. The ISO codings were given. Article 4. Implemented? Applied. Laws are passed but don’t know when. Everything is in their hands to perform this. Permission or green light could/can be taken away just as fast. Codes, given 3 wks ago with great confidence. ISO code what does it do. Allows for RD to take place. They are trying to be coy about the RD. CBI is ready. But the GOI is constantly fidgety. 2 sets a books for CBI. GOI only one book. The citizens trying to force the GOI…

The citizens did/created minerals…USD…can only use the IQD now. Very bad shape. They created their own market place. Credential slips…the citizens created their own black market.

1000 Iraqi Prisoners were paid their retirement says Frank to Delta. Read about it later says Frank.

WB is talking too much. Do we understand? Talking too much…not derogatory….we know what’s going on. Article 4 – Green light – commitment – one way street.

WB talked to 21 banks – Rasheed – Rafidian – study this…see what WB said to these banks in Iraq.


CBI was one of them – speaking by proxy almost

Article talking the auction sales – foreign currency – why? WB talked to them…changed the auction sale of currency….huge! Frank won’t go into article’s complexities right now.

DFI funds protection not being renewed! Whoo hoo. They are big boys now – protect their own now. Pay other’s and shush up.

Study this;» April 22nd, 2013, 8:09 pm • [Post 95]
There is a date in here says Frank…May 22 might be a date of note….in C$’s opinion for now…assuming from Frank’s prodding about the DFI fund coverage expiring…

Frank – Bush Library in Tx mentioned – opening May 1st

AoP is looking for something that starts with and S – Stability

AoP looking for stability in the USoA as well? In Frank’s opinion…is there a virus in the WH? Moving along…

Bluestar – testing periods yes by Eagle1 – they are not long. – Consequence to the devaluation to the USD. Whatever number they come out with – the USD devalue – 50 – 60 % range. If they delay – for 30 – 60 days the IQD/IQN – rate will go higher that could be double the RI – this would cushion the blow to the percentage of the USD devalue – Frank holds up 90 days on a napkin.

June 30th says Bluestar? Iraq will have a Full-fledged sovereignty day says Bluestar; tentative perhaps.
Eagle1 says bite your tongue Bluestar! LoL when it comes to June. Eagle1 gives Bluestar a raspberry

Memphis comes on to share some thoughts – ties in with Bluestar – definite shift in the last 10 day from reading Baghdad – hard to call it what it is – there are two words that comes to mind – change in moment – controls being put into place – Frank asks who is putting in these controls – IMF – WB – CBI – Frank that’s the USA isn’t it – a lot of instructions – something is happening with this currency isn’t it Memphis. – Rumored that Shabibi is back in Baghdad. Frank goes crazy about that….lol – raising his hand.

CBI site the – deputy governor is Turki – and the governor is blank now…

Big clue – Frank says S is coming back

Memphis – the timing is coinciding with time frame to look for Shabibi – momentum and controls from the articles. Take notice!

Eagle1 says absolutely going to be this month!!!

News from the NE says Frank to Eagle1.

Letter from the Congressman was IT – 4 questions answered! HUGE.

Pray for the people Frank’s teams will be talking to this week.

Between now and May 22 to see this released says Frank.

The payments are crescendo by May 22. SBA loans need to be paid – kicking in around that time. SBA is not renewed – most encouraging.

Frank poses question to Eagle one regarding if lower-denoms are released would they be with a rate? Eagle1 affirms; it has to happen together; same time.

Frank will send Iraqi to bank in Iraq with 25k note and K-card to see….if not tomorrow? When?

Elections – May 22 – Allawi – 45 days to form government. Allawi is not the answer before the RV but after the RV – because of Iran – to keep them at bay. Then it’s bye bye Maliki.

Pattern noticed in Saudi Arabia – LD’s and 000’s can’t be given out to change Riyal to IQD – outside of the country.

4.97? .497 (not sure I heard the number given correctly) – stories out there – rumors for now – FL bank – source – says they were shown a rate – and wrote it down. Frank thinks a mistake – given instructions to reattempt and see what happens to tomorrow. This is being studied.

Frank asks Eagle1 if ISO is already with the CBI. Yes indeed says Eagle1

Frank commented that yes he was of the same mind with Eagle1

Frank prays to close call.

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