Frank26 – False Alarm 9-24-13

false-alarmPost By BulldogFord65 » September 24, 2013, 12:01 Hello family: here are tonight’s CC notes. “But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Matthew 6 20-21 KJV

Frank26 IQD Conference Call after Investment Night Monday, September 23, 2013

IQD update

• Report at the end of last week that it was being announced in the mosques in Iraq that the currency had revalued, but this was not correct; the announcement being made was that currency will gain in strength and value

• Iraq is not in control of the monetary reform, the IMF is in control

• Many speak of “delays” to the RV, however there is no date, so there can be no delay, it’s a process

• Frank made a post on Thursday night regarding the rumor of what was supposedly being announced in the mosques; on Tues night, I Team reported they were told to stand down until 9/20, and it was assumed they were going to guard Talibani but this is not the case; M’s political power is gone, but T will not return as president

• Article stating Talibani losing election – how can he lose and election if he’s dead?

• We have seen odd rates showing up on ForEx, and they are all over the place from $2.40 to $8.80

• Frank received a call from someone stating they received a call from a friend who went to a Banco Popular location in CA and asked about the IQD; the bank manager showed the screen with a rate of $2.40 and stated they could exchange up to $15,000 USD worth of IQD;

the person went home to get their IQD, but by the time they returned to the bank, the rate has disappeared from the screen; the bank said they see this all the time, rates pop up for currencies, then disappears; Frank has requested this person to keep checking back with this bank

• In Frank’s opinion, all banks are not ready yet; this should not be viewed as a “delay,” this is a process, and banks are still receiving downloads of information; what was observed at Banco Popular was not unique, it’s happening at all banks

• Please review Frank’s posts from the end of last week and this weekend

• Another bank story: Frank reviewed that he has spoken to us about 4 banks, you know the bank order and sequence and the eschelon levels; Citibank merged with Warka

Warka bank was created by our solidiers because the gov’t wouldn’t let them return home with IQD, so Citibank will be involved, and we have seen articles come out with mention that Citibank is involved

• There is a bank (look at your notes for whom) that is about to train their whole front line (tellers) on foreign currency exchange

• The front line of these banks are being repositioned; the gates are being moved to create lines just for currency exchange; this bank is retraining the front line, they have had one training class already, and they will now have a second class; the training is only 2 hours; this bank will start the second training class on Sept 25

• Frank announced the next time frame of study is Sept 25 – Oct 2

• It was the last Thursday of Sept when the IMF devalued the IQD

• What is the class going to teach because they already do foreign currency exchange, so why are they going to have this training?

• This Wed there is a 2-hour training session on foreign currency exchange

• Look in the notes, there is a bank that stated they will begin exchanging foreign currency on Oct 2, and yet they already exchange foreign currency; would this mean that they were really saying they will be exchanging IQD on Oct 2?

• O stated that he would begin paying down the national debt in Q3, and Q3 starts in 7 days (follows the same pattern as Clinton and the KWD – 10 years gone by, Jack Lew on staff)

• Iran has turned their back on M

Eagle1 joined the call at this point

• Eagle1 reported on some information that the UST reported they have completed all of their background work for the global currency reset on Saturday; they have made 2 efforts today, but all was pulled from front screens at 6:45 PM tonight, and he does not know when we will see it

• Frank reported that as of 2018 China will be the largest importer of oil in the world; recall that earlier this year that China announced they will convert from Australian dollar directly into the Yuan Renmimbi; study this, and also study what they are doing with their leadership

• Frank asked the family to be strong and hold on, take everything to God in prayer

Frank ended the call in prayer and Andy lifted the prayer with the Shofar horn blast

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