Frank26 Says Iraqi Budget In Gazette 3-30-13

Greetings KTFA Family …………….. This is FRANK26: Starting last Wed and continuing into last night’s CC I asked You to take notes on the 30th … 31st and the 1st of April. You now know what these days mean to us as a Team study. Said Gazette for the 30th …….as you can see ……..the 2013 budget for Iraq is now in the Gazette. You can google this newspaper and read about it.

Unfortunately…..just as we told you the rate is not in this publication……nor did we expect it to be.

Look at your notes from my last two CC’s…….we also do not expect to see it on the first with the budget. As I told you…….the retirees……widows pensions……..federal employees….. soldiers and many others will not be paid on the 1st….. but within the first week of April. So with this in mind….

it is highly possible that the map we asked you to take notes of may actually be unfolding. Please keep in mind as I said… if the blessing is revealed to us tomorrow on Sunday… then we will have a CC at 7pm EST.

I offer my sincere apologies once again that is still not back up on the internet. I called the server today and told them they have until tonight because it’s been almost two weeks and in all honestly this is a job that can be done in a couple of days.

If they do not have us up and running by tomorrow I will turn to another server company and request a full refund of the we sent them last week. For now may I kindly ask that you c/p this and send it to those who follow us at

I know many of you are homesick for our forum. If you should need me for anything you know how to get a hold of me Family…..

I talked with DELTA about an hour ago and we both agreed that this coming week is extremely serious to our investment. The atmosphere not just in Iraq but around the world has an aromatic scent of an RI/RV to it…..a sweet ambrosia.
My Christian love and Aloha, KTFA, Frank

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