Frank26 Update Chat 5-4-12

Frank illustrates a caterpillar metamorphosing to become a butterfly with our investment. We cannot see the process can we? The process is messy; much like our investment. But the great news is, is that the process IS in process.

There is SO MUCH evidence that is occurring that shows us that it is happening. The revalue of the IQD is going through a metamorphosis.

Maliki is going to put the politicians on TV soon; not quite sure when. The TV is the best place to send a message, not to you and me, but to communicate with the people of Iraq. They know the position of the people of Iraq.

What did they tell them today? TV is being used to tell the people the truth. The process of lifting the three zeros is in motion and it’s doing very well. On TV they are talking about the HCL today. Not much to do with our investment. Doesn’t affect us; none what so ever says Frank.

On TV they announced they need construction companies and materials from now until 2019. On KTFA Premium Frank has a video explaining investing in Iraq in a Monopoly game fashion. Frank thought wow, they are about to load themselves up to rebuild their country. This is big, very big. It’s very important to see this happening.

On TV announced today they are producing 2.5 million barrels per day. In 7 months they will be at 5 million barrels per day. Frank believes strongly that they are already close to 5 million barrels per day.

They are talking about the borders. Securing of the borders; guarding of the borders. Why talking about this? Why not the tariffs? Tariffs are already set up perhaps? And now guarding borders? Not sure about this right now…

TV speaks of Chapter 7 a lot. June 15 is when the UNSC wants to talk about it. Do they have to wait until June 15th? No.

If the AoP feel that the GOI is ready to go, they will tell Shabibi to push the button.

Seeing Kuwait and Iraq sign four agreements yesterday. Wow! Process! Momentum!

AoP; How did they react to this? Pleased, says Frank, very pleased. So, do we have to wait until June 15? Not necessarily.

TV comes out today and say there is a weakness in Parliament but it has strengthened Maliki and the gov’t that he’s trying to form; that’s why we believe that Maliki’s government will control the laws that will be and have been passed by the GOI.

Most of the laws that have been passed and agreed upon have not been implemented. How is it that this weakness has strengthened Maliki’s gov’t? Light came on from files from Petraeus that scattered cockroaches. Laws being passed but not used indicates Maliki is in control.

TV announced Maliki will run for a 3rd term for PM.

The GCC is talking to Iraq A LOT to Iraq. Not going to invite Iraq with a toilet papervalued currency; they are going to move a lot of oil at a high rate. Huge news!

TV announcing to citizens they will be proud of their new currency because it will be showing and representing Southern Iraq’s civilization history and highlighting the agriculture monuments in that region. This is big intel when you consider they say oh no we aren’t going to lift the three zeros and yet they go on to describe their new currency in detail. Also huge news!

Articles all last week about Maliki was trying to get Shabibi to step down from CBI. TV came out and made it clear that this was NOT true. See what the TV is used for?

TV spoke of those running and fleeing from Iraq. Cockroaches are being chased out of town; by these things going on, it allows the AoP to tell Shabibi to raise the value of the dinar.

Talibani, Allawi, Maliki meetings in Kuwait; all made deals. Now Maliki needs to fulfill these deals as this week continues and into next week. Look for announcements to be made about Maliki has done certain things by or for certain groups. 15 days to get them done but just a threat.

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