Frank26 Update – IQD Rate May Shock People 7-9-13

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Hello Family: Here are the CC notes from tonight.

“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31 KJV

Frank26 IQD Conference Call Monday, July 8, 2013

• Frank began the conference call by asking everyone to remember to pray, and to go to God in prayer in all we do, and then he offered prayer; Andy then lifted the prayer with the shofar horn blast

• Frank stated that we are seeing a historic break in pattern – they are actually doing what they say they are doing!

• The Marshall Plan was a 10 year plan, and we invaded Iraq in 2003; Frank expected that it would only take 8 years, but O made a campaign promise to pull the troops from Iraq, and simply to keep the campaign promise, he pulled them out prematurely and set back the plan, and the troops have had to return again to move the plan forward again

• Do not expect a date or a rate; there are many on the forum asking for a date; there is no date given, only windows for study

• Frank spoke about the laws of the land perverting God’s laws, and it’s important that we use this blessing to build the church

• Frank reviewed: Maliki (M) has turned from good to bad and back and forth: recently M had turned bad, but now is behaving again

• I Team reports that Barzani (B) is in Baghdad and has been, not just for one day as reported

• Talibani (T) is also in Baghdad, and Frank believes we will learn this soon from the media

• B and T have been brought together and we saw meeting 1 and 2 last month

• Frank believes Kuwait is in control of Chpt 7, and Kurdistan is in control of the mood of the AoP

• This weekend there were more meetings

• News reports last week that the RV would be delayed until 2014, there were many negative articles last week – remember that M is leading the GOI, and the news came from the GOI; what did we see this weekend? All positive!

• There was an article with a photo of a bank teller, and on each side of the teller were stacks of dinars – why would there be stacks of IQD in this photo?? The LD’s are in banks now – the vaults are full of the LD’s and they have to stack cash outside of the vaults

• B met with M and they were a complete turn around from articles at the end of last week; B’s arrival is HUGE – in Frank’s opinion this is to show the people that the rate is about to be announced before it’s shown to the world

• Najafe described the meeting between M and B as a genuine will to resolve the issues between Kurdistan and Baghdad – this is a break in pattern and means something – they are doing what they are saying

• This is a long process, it took 3 months to accomplish what we saw this weekend, and we still have not seen the total picture; M is doing everything possible to make B happy; M denied the existence of any differences between Kurdistan and Baghdad

• A member of the economics committee of the GOI stated that the value of the IQD will rise against the USD and they will see the rise globally; they stated the CBI is obliged to be a new rate against the USD; again this is historic – the articles are stating what we are seeing

• What is the difference between adding value and adding power the IQD? They have added value but we have not seen it yet; M is behaving, why?? for the money!

• Article 140 and the HCL are very important – they got Chpt 7 because these are settled and done, and we see an article saying it’s settled

• M spoke with banks over the weekend – JP Morgan Chase and Citibank, and told parliament and the GOI that they will take urgent steps to strengthen the IQD

• M told the GOI that with the lifting of Chpt 7 they gain control over their economy

• Al Halfi said in another article that the IQD will replace the USD in many economies as the reserve currency

• JPMorganChase, the wholesaler of the IQD in the USA is now coming to Iraq/the GOI

• Over the weekend, M also showed the 2014 budget to B, this is the beginning of the 2014 fiscal year in Iraq (remember they are following the Islamic calendar, and Shabibi (S) has always planned to start the new rate in fiscal 2014)

• M said he and B have the will to resolve any differences between Baghdad and Erbil, and both are available; this indicates that B was happy with the 2014 budget

• The USA/AoP and B love laws; the market must be opened to investment laws that are in place after lifting of Chpt 7; B and Kuwait have kept faith

• M said banking system is key to the construction and re-construction of Iraq

• B’s visit to M is the compliment of M’s visit to B

• The GOI stated the political problems will not affect the project to delete the 3 zeros after coming out of Chpt 7

• 20 new entries in the journal; there is urgency, something is about to happen; in the coming days we will continue to see so much more

• The CBI and the GOI are saying the same things and want the same things

• Do not believe articles stating there are secret agreements between M and B

• The great demand for, and coming days will see a rise in the IQD

• Remember soon after the capture of Saddam, there was a photo of 2 US soldiers standing near a cave entrance and there were stacks of gold bars – those assets were frozen, it was money that Saddam stole, along with over 700 billion in foreign currency, of which 90 billion was USD; that money is frozen; right now these frozen assets are being released, and will transfer to the CBI

• Another article states the level of the economy will raise

• Delta has not been on the call because Frank is protecting him, and Delta is busy intel gathering

• Qi cards will prevent counterfeiting; in the past the government had a lot to do with the counterfeiting, but M has been neutralized

• Another article stating the demand of the CBI to speed up the deletion of the 3 zeros after the lifting of Chpt 7

• Another article: It is not in the best interest of Iraq to have their rate so irregular; they will take urgent steps to transform the Iraqi market

• Frank reviewed several other articles all saying the same thing

• None of this matters if rate is not changed – there are no jobs, the economy does not improve, etc at 1166

• Article: Finance committee will host managers of banks and pension managers to discuss the exchange rate

• Article regarding the completion of 2014 budget draft

• Go to the Legal Law library of the Gazette, the 2013 budget was posted without the new rate

• Have we ever seen this much activity in the past 10 years? Have we ever seen 2 budgets come out in the same year?

• Article stating the tariff laws are being voted on – this is HUGE

• Iraq made USD620 billion this year in energy sales alone; it’s incredible what they have to back their currency

• Italy has increased the volume of their trade with Iraq

• JPMorganChase is the next big thing in Iraq

• 2 of 3 remaining issues have been moved from Chpt 7 to Chpt 6; there is one remaining issue under Chpt 7 – the issue is the repayment of Kuwait (11 billion)

• The UNSC was not to vote until the middle of July, and B was not to visit Baghdad until late July but all was moved up approx. 18 days

• With Iraq out of Chpt 7, it’s necessary to set a date to bring out the new rate

Bluestar came on the call at this point

• Bluestar asked what is left to do for this to pop? Frank replied to watch B as he sets the mood for the AoP; the AoP are in the USA, but they are not in Washington; Kurdistan is in control of the heartbeat of the relationship; M is neutralized; what do we need to see next? Kuwait is done, S is in the right place, look for B to come back to Baghdad;

Ramadan is not a problem, they are working on Fridays (their holy day) so Ramadan will not be a problem; S remains in NYC; keys are B coming back, and Qi cards are important; expect B to come back before the end of Ramadan; looking for B, then S, then LD’s and Qi cards; they are being very transparent and obvious

• In Frank’s opinion, the RV will occur “nanoseconds” after the HCL is done

Frank then played Delta’s voice mail report (audio was very garbled an hard to understand)

• Delta hopes to join the call live next week

• In Delta’s opinion the rate will be a shock to a lot of people

• Iraqia TV is talking about adding value to their currency

Frank told the story about a forum member who has a WF account, and the bank has been waiving the service fee every month for the past 11 months. The email confirming the service fee was waived has been the same for the past 11 months. Last month’s email broke form and added “talk to you soon.”

Congratulations again to the new Admins, Andy and 7-FA. The next new Admins will likely be from Australia and/or UK.

Bluestar was able to hear Delta’s call clearly and will make separate notes – there’s no significance to the notes being separate, only that the voice mail was clear on Frank’s side but garbled on the forum side and the play back.

Frank concluded the call with prayer and Andy lifted the prayer with the shofar horn blast.

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