Franks KFTA Chat 11-2-12

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Greetings Family,
Good evening Family………As boring as this may sound…….nobody knows the date nobody knows the rate…… is the gospel truth.

The only way I could justify this past Monday by giving you a time frame of 11/6/12 to 1/20/13 was for the GOI to take complete formation. Many thought it was a date I was giving for the RV.

You see……the next thing that would happen is that some of the AoP would immediately suffer a mild stroke while the surviving strong ones would quickly turn their attention to Shabibi and the CBI.

If they were pleased with what they saw in Parliament and their legislation then the odds are highly favorable that the CBI would be given the nod to work with the GOI on releasing the 000’s so they could apply a higher rate value to the IQD that needs to fulfill a 137 trillion budget for 2013.

If……..all is in order with the GOI then the new rate will be given to them so they can inbreed it not only into their budget but to their new infrastructure way of life. Into ……….the psyche of the Iraqi citizen.

For four years I have been saying……..they will never see the keys to their shackles until they increase the value of the IQD………which is ch7 . Yet IMF also demands they cut back on GOI selfish expenditures. Stop wasting money!

This combination of events if applied during this time frame I present to you ……….then Shabibi’s goal to raise the 000’s and apply this value to next year’s budget will become a reality.

The IQD cannot transcend maturity without a GOI acting ……….mature. Representation by a government of its currency…….for its people.

You hear enough of me every week which can sometimes become mundane. I can respect that.

But it causes you to miss some items that I wish to emphasize. I talked to you about the M2 figures last week. Told you that they went from 11+ to 5+ %. Talked about it………but no one posted about it. Not even the other sites caught on to this.

Yesterday there was an article that caused DELTA and I barrels of laughter. I will do my investment CC tonight……followed by a few comments on my behalf. I asked DELTA to come in on an odd evening because he usually joins me on Mondays.

He is going to tell you what is on Iraqi TV but more importantly he is going to try to draw your attention once again to the M2 figures. I asked him to tie it in to 1% reprint of 30 trillion. LOL…….LOL……..

I’m sorry just seeing that sentence causes vibrations in my humor bone. Please pay attention to DELTA tonight…….it may be a little complicated…….take it to God in prayer. IMO…….after our CC tonight you will see what we present being talked about on the net. IMO……..these wonderful sites do not copy and paste us correctly nor do they have our interpretation…….they mix in their own with ours and confuse many. That’s when the calls pour in to me.

………My Christian love and Aloha. KTFA, Frank

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