Freeway Bill Chat 1-29-12

Saturday Evening
10:28 PM FREEWAY BILL: Good evening all of you crazy PTR folks!!! Hope everyone has had a great weekend so far…. The word that we are getting is that the weekend is going to and with a grand entrance followed by a grander entrance on Monday….

Get ready for great things to come….I think you will hear some news tomorrow and greater news come Monday….. Just wanted to hop on here and say hi and folks, you can get your dancing shoes out soon as we are about to have something to dance about…

FREEWAY BILL: Studley is the ultimate “guru” of this subject….. this man does not get hyped up on anything… He just tells it the way it is… I have had a lot fo fun working with him the past month or so…

10:35 PM LoveJoy: Just wanted to pop in and say that the guys are getting information coming in and they are sorting it out to confirm what they can. IF or WHEN they get information worth sharing they will update. Just remember that many are working behind the scenes at PTR to provide the very best information in dinarland. Stay tuned!!

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