FreewayBill 3S’s Intel Chat 1-13-12

[FreewayBill] Goooood Morning Squirrels!!! The night brought encouraging news and we seem to be in the weekend!

We have went through so many of these that if you are not getting information almost constantly, you would think that this is just another one… It is not! The stage is set and the orchestra is warming up for the Fat Lady to take the Stage…. Keep pumped!

Studley is the most conservative guy among us and he is! Looking forward to filling out paperwork by Tuesday…. Everything is pointing that direction ….

Have a great weekend and let the rates drop in in GOD’S Timing! Have great Saturday and pull back from the computer and go enjoy it.. Give you spouse a big hug, pet the dogs and go say hello to that neighbor you really have not talked to much since you got into this…. Life is such a gift from the Father …. Let’s make today a very special day outside of the dinar RV and just let it come…. GOD BLESS and Love out to all! GIVE FORWARD!

[jamajacks] FreewayBill Thank you for your words of encouragement.Should we be looking for anything today that would make this 44th anniversary even more Special?

[FreewayBill] jamajacks as much as I would like to say yes for today, I am looking for it to peek out somewhere between tonight and Monday…. makes little difference other than peace of mind… Stay stoked…

[miabella] FreewayBill I’m alittle confused …does the announcement re China and US deal with the RV?

[FreewayBill] miabella not in my opinion

[LisaMarie] FreewayBill do u really believe this is the end? ty

[FreewayBill] LisaMarie I really do believe that all things are accomplished and there is NO political issues. First weekend in the history of this that we cannot see anyone really trying to stop it that could

[FreewayBill] Your plan of action should be done… DO not be caught off guard and have to figure out what you are going to do after the RV… THINK now! The work will actually start when the rates drop in.

[jamajacks] FreewayBill Any details you could share about the funding Studley spoke of?

[FreewayBill] jamajacks All financial issues about this RV have been taken care of…. That is all I can say at this time

[angelbabies28] FreewayBill could we see the rates today

[FreewayBill] angelbabies28 Could, but don’t be surprised for them to pop up later in the weekend.. Makes little difference as banks are closed tomorrow and Monday in the US

[diver] FB so do you see rates on the screens

[FreewayBill] diver Well my TV screen doesn’t have them… I am not a banking guy, but have info from some….

[drl] FreewayBill Do you believe that the global ramifications of the RV will be felt for years or do you believe that it will be nothing more than a bond aid on the current economic crisis?

[FreewayBill] drl The RV and what is to follow will have tremendous and great ramifications on the world

[tammy] freewaybill….the banks are open in Canada on Monday, if the rates drop in over the weekend, will we be cashing in before the us? thanks

[FreewayBill] tammy no

[FreewayBill] “God grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change, the COURAGE to change the things I can, and the WISDOM to know the difference… amen” Live by this and you will come out fine!

[farliegirl] FreewayBill In your opinion who do you think will have the best rates the banks or the dealers?

[FreewayBill] farliegirl We will see…. I am going to be a hound on this post RV and will post about it then

[libbythelab] Freeway Bill you are a strong good man and God walks with you Papa BEAR

[FreewayBill] libbythelab I am just a SINNER saved by GRACE!!

[FreewayBill] Don’t take your eyes off the Savior, HE will safely see you through….

[FreewayBill] Looks like the best is yet to come and won’t that be fine? We have had a few years of tough times… That will be forgotten after this happens… but don’t ever forget the hopelessness you have felt in waiting for all of this time and you will be able to reach out to the less fortunate so much easier and boost them up with your help in the name of the Lord

[dinarup] FreewayBill I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You and the other mods that I have had the opportunity to listen to have been instrumental in bringing the change we wish to see in our world. All of you have been brave and loving to take this on and I thank you and God bless you.

[FreewayBill] dinarup Do you have any idea how blessed it has been to see people turn their eyes turn to GOD on this journey?

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