FreewayBill and FootForward 1-16-12

SOME highlights from Footforward and Freeway Bill on the Big Call tonight – I didn’t type it all – too tired tonight…

by DebTarHeelGirl

FOOTFORWARD live on call now
ALL done we are waiting for this to show- nothing else is going on – we are just waiting for this to show – they are looking to surprise us on when this comes. We are on an hour to hour watch but info points to this happening immediately – Inflation is a concern for Shabibi and the GOI. GOI is at the point where they admitting an RV needs to be done – today some news from Iraq foreign minister to Kuwait states that this will not be delayed at all. Kuwait will always be involved always with Iraq but will not effect the RV. Banks in Iraq are calling for RV to happen so more cash can be put back into circulation there. Folks are hording money.Whales will see a rate much higher than we do – they are the ones that will probably see the $12+ rate and not us little guys we – he feels we are not going to see that rate – but we will see a nice rate to start above $5 and we will see it from 5 to 30 days in effect and more info after the RV… ] rate in Iraq to be higher than initially thought – trading market within Iraq – not selling dinar no less than $3.61 on the street black market…military folks cashed out for $3.80 and yes there is a black market for the dinar by the better educated people…so yes there is selling on the streets black market in Iraq now

[8:25:29 PM] [Asells] MESSAGE FROM STUDLEY HE has been negotiating for the people to have access to the top banks, and investment houses, I am still on phone, I am extremely busy

[8:27:39 PM] Stiff competition with banks and Dealers to compete for folks to choose them to cash out – banks may be higher or traders may be higher in rate – so market value may not be a bad thing

[8:32:52 PM] FREEWAY STATES = brokers buying it back changing their wording from CBI rate to wording Market rate – it plays two ways – if bank offers less than CBI bank then DB or DT could offer less – HIS opinion is banks literally reconcile their books each day – that day will be registered into the UST and reports and final that day – Dinar Brokers are not on that schedule they can buy it for what ever and bottom line at end of week or month they reconcile with CBI then they turn it in – its not for a competitive edge its to the UST regulations for them… Bill states brokers frankly can pay $30 for the dinar where as the bank can not do that – should the bank rates be higher than CBI in my opinion YES I do think they will be – if brokers go to a market rate seemed negative at first but now they can compete with the Banks now and prevent their loss of business – we are all going to go with who ever pays us the most money – Bill says it could go both ways and we will be in a better position due to this – FOOTFORWARD states – we need to change our thinking about doing all things with the bank- the WHOLE table turns when this revalues – no matter how arrogant they are now watch how quickly they will change when you say you will take your dinar else where to get you a higher rate to have you put your dinar with them…..

[8:37:20 PM | HOST STATES – Strategy – bank package will be out first day – should we hold off until 24 hours after RV happens or what? FREEWAY BILL STATES – if the rate is GOOD then cash out – bottom line is that those who have a lot of money they do not care where you got it they will give the same packages with that particular amount of money or more – change your thinking and negotiate with banks for a rate but however do not let your ego get in the way – and if you walk out you will take the offer with you and another bank may have less – if you call a bank to negotiate when RV happens, you will get LESS so be FACE TO FACE talking real numbers and negotiate in person…Be willing to negotiate and do not be cocky – there are 3 million people that will also cash in and do not ne unreasonable and have a Christian sense of mind and if they offer you a great comfortable amount and give God his tithe off the top, pay what ever taxes there will be and honestly say what is left it will make a good difference to family – do not be greedy as you can negotiate yourself out of the game real quick.

[8:40:25 PM] HOST STATES – ok say an individual has 10 million dinar – would he be better off getting friends together to negotiate a better deal as they all may have 100 million? – FREEWAY BILL states – yes you should get a much better deal and if you go alone you and you have 10 million at $5 rate it would be $50 million in my bank – if you compound with other folks and it equals four times that amount combined, then the banker would be more moved to negotiate a higher rate for you to cash out at….

[8:42:20 PM | FREEWAY STATES – Most folks holding dinar you would get CBI rate or better – do not feel you have to go to 7 different banks – get one deal that you are comfortable with unless you can go with a group and negotiate higher or go alone and be comfortable with what you are being offered. Some may get above the CBI rate – more in the group can gain more advantages – but again if you go alone decide what you are comfortable with. Levels of Exchange we can call this…

[8:48:13 PM] What things are in the bank packages – FREEWAY BILL STATES – its basically a wealth management package – Jonnywg has done great in this area and Bill states he is following him on what is available – like a black card with unlimited amount of money where you can buy a house on it as long as you have the assets behind it – NO FEES ever – no brokerage fees for stock trades – providing you with legal advice accounting advice free from lawyers and accountants to set up wills and trust all gratis with your funds – they will give you a private banker for free – like Mr Drisdale with Jed Clampet – he will be there to assist you in where you are to put your money … try to find out if your investment banker if he is paid on a commission – if commission you do not want that as he will care for his self only – if he is salaried, as long as you do business with that bank the better his credibility is with that bank and do a great job with you – so be willing to have a broker that is salaried – more perks, private insurance on your money in these packages – if I am in California and live on East Coast – and i want a certified check to pay for a vintage car do I have to fly home and this bank is not in California, he said we will send you a check from your East Coast bank and send to you by Currier within 24 hours- those kind of perks – remember you are going to be of the elite and treat you the way you deserve to be treated – they will make money off of our money – and their bank grade will shoot through the roof!

[8:55:31 PM] FREEWAY STATES – YOUR higher profits will be on your investments and if you have $50 million dollars and you put $10 Million highly secure no risk like money markets and its guaranteed so the bank will not give you a different rate than anyone else on certain packages that are across the nation.. – if rate are raised for everyone yours will be – Remember when you get this money – go out and buy yourself something NICE – ONE THING like a trophy item you could never afford – even if it doesn’t make sense – that’s my trophy cause I was smart enough to get in this investment – then put the rest of the money to work for you and every time you get this gut thing that says go and buy something as you have the rest of your life to enjoy this – do not get into a hurry pic your investments wisely and only to make you MORE money… it may have come easy to you but this will be work to keep it and grow it…make it last through at least 3 generations or you will be spending it too quick – live off the profits off your money, the interest off your money instead of blowing the principle of it….

[9:04:14 PM] DeFREEWAY BILL STATES – the bank packages that are coming out are not an endorsement of that bank – DOWNLOAD all bank packages take it to your bank nd show them what is being offered and ask for the package to be matched or beat it – we are not endorsing any bank not getting paid or asking for anything this is available for everyone in case you do not know what to do… several banks will have packages so take them all and negotiate – you need to put your assets in many banks not just one bank…. us this as a tool for negotiating…FOOTFORWARD STATES – these packages are for you to be more prosperous – FREEWAY STATES – there are 2 banks out there and i am dealing with one bank that is the strongest liquidity rate but not a part of the big 4 – just download this and go to the one you really want to deal with and negotiate what these packages show…

[9:14:10 PM] HOST ASKS LOCKING IN RATES – what about locking in rate with banks – FREEWAY STATES – you cannot lock in a rate with a bank ever – daily rates change in banks – with banks you have to negotiate and accept it there – no locking in rates at a bank for this currency trade. FOOTFORWARD states that with dealers will have have a lock in rate for X number of days – hard time seeing them further for 30 days out that may be too long also – it depends on how high the rate is initially and how high it will stay for a period of time and what the CBi can negotiate with the dealers on selling the dinar back to them – sooner you can cash in the dinar – the better – I would not wait along time especially if the rate comes out high it may not last long – do not sit around and wait – the CBI should be on the site supposedly- so lock in with a broker if you so choose – the only way they will lock in if you want to cash in immediately and they can’t get you in for a week….

FREEWAY STATES when you got in this “blessing” a long time ago and you look at what you bought this and what it is worth now – and in my mind I think if it comes out at a dollar that is a million bucks and so forth – somewhere along the way due to the info that has been SMOKE coming in we have got our expectations to sky high rates and could be fictitious in my mind -and I have believed the $8 range but when we get to $12 come on – the higher the rate the MORE urgent ot cash in – if it does open at $3 then you will have more time …. in my opinion…last night we had a 7 person call with some of the people from the sites you know, and the rates were all over the board – so I look at my money as God’s money and for his work – and I am not against reserves but if you get a rate that makes your skin tingle just go cash out and be done with it…folks call me everyday that are in dire straights but say they are going to wait it out – think about it and get on your knees and pray and pay your debt sand you don’t need to have a mansion like the Beverly Hillbillies the other night i was on a call with Okie and we talked about rates and he said God is not going to give us more than we can handle – some folks may miss some things by make unwise choices…. do not get greedy if you are greedy get prepared to loose –

FREEWAY BILL – we are in a GOOD delicate point in this situation and to put out specifics of where this RV is in the hands of and i feel right now due to the delicacy of where we are i will not say who’s hands this RV is in – we should sleep well tonight

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