FreewayBill Announces Special CC Tonight 9-27-12

Check Back Here For Details To Follow

Ok folks, we are all set to go tomorrow night at 10 pm est! I had a nice conversation with Studley and we are getting ourselves prepared along with a VERY SPECIAL GUEST.

This is the way the call will go my friends ….. I will open the call at 10 pm and I will speak for approximately 10 minutes +/-, then Studley will come on and talk for about the same amount of time +/- … then we will both have a conversation with our VERY SPECIAL GUEST. You have never heard from this person and probably, other than tomorrow night, never will again.

Because of the security for our guest, this program cannot be recorded and will only be done LIVE. We will be on phone lines as well as on LIVESTREAM.

For those that want to hear rumors, this is not the call for you. But, for those that want to understand where we have been and where we are at this point, along with the TRUTH about things that have been puzzling you for years ….. we invite you to join us on this call.

I am so sorry for those who are not available to listen to this call. You will just have to have someone fill you in after the call. We have no choice. This is not your normal call, but will be the ONE and the ONLY CALL that we will do. The call will be approximately 30 minutes long but may go longer if necessary.

We regret to not having a Q&A, but when you listen to the call, we hope that you will come away from it feeling a lot better and a lot clearer minded than you have been in some time. Remember, this is a BLESSING of GREAT MAGNITUDE! On this call, I hope you will come into it with a completely open mind and listen carefully so that you can understand more about this magnificent blessing we are involved in!

I am doing this call out of LOVE for my fellow man. Between the LIVESTREAM and phone lines, we should have no problem in getting this message out to a huge amount of people…. Isn’t technology fabulous? In One Call, One HALF HOUR, we will reach so many people that we care about. So, set your clocks and I hope that this call is of great help to you and your family and make the rest of this journey easier and clearer in your mind….



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