FreewayBill Chat 3-29-12

Wednesday Night / Thursday Morning
11:13 PM [FreewayBill] One piece of intel and gone for the night…… All the stars are aligned in Baghdad tonight, actually morning 7:11 am Iraqi Turban Time….

I am thinkin’ maybe we might be seeing some Rockets Red Glare before morning! GOD is, and always has been in control and I look forward every day to see what he has planned for us! Today, we have found the perfect kind of intel running …. slow and easy and makes sense…. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU and remember GIVE FORWARD….

11:17 PM [timlbs] FreewayBill …do you have a date and a rate???
11:17 PM [FreewayBill] yes

11:19 PM [time4rvnow] FreewayBill can you share??
11:20 PM [FreewayBill] time4rvnow I will make this statement… I do believe that we are about ready to see this happen… Whether it be tonight, tomorrow or Friday. The rate is going to make you happy and I cannot give anything specific on that…

11:21 PM [olesailor] FreewayBill are you satisfied with the bank packages? How quick would you expect them to be released to us?
11:21 PM [FreewayBill] olesailor within a few hours

11:21 PM [moneyme] FreewayBill did you say $3.17 earlier?
11:22 PM [FreewayBill] tkdgirl that rate is to be Iraq in country rate

11:23 PM [BocaLinda1] FreewayBill do we have to wait for banks to open before seeing a rate if it happens in a.m.? or will you super spy guys know and tell us earlier?
11:24 PM [FreewayBill] BocaLinda1 I could almost bet that you will be able to come on forums and see it

11:23 PM [drizz] FreewayBill ~ Why would they wait until Friday?
11:24 PM [FreewayBill] drizz:::: they shouldn’t and I don’t think they will

11:24 PM [misskitty] FreewayBill should we put on our depends?
11:24 PM [FreewayBill] misskitty yes ma’am

11:24 PM [BocaLinda1] FreewayBill man, soooo cryptic!
11:25 PM [FreewayBill] BocaLinda1 not cryptic… staying within the rules …. just be ready and I promise you will be estatic!!!

11:26 PM [youneverknow] be ready????? before lights out?
11:26 PM [FreewayBill] youneverknow before lights on

11:28 PM [FreewayBill] I think everyone needs to just relax, kick back, let your hair down and dance, dance.

11:28 PM [76wayne] What is the latest Rate Intel?
11:28 PM [FreewayBill] 76wayne high

11:29 PM [olderkinky2] FreewayBill will we see it tomorrow or Friday?
11:29 PM [FreewayBill] olderkinky2 IMO YES

11:29 PM [FreewayBill] Goodnight everyone… Love out to all….

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