FreewayBill Chat 9-13-12

Today’s events were scary and REAL! How much has to happen before everyone realizes that this world is messed up something terrible? The United States, for most of our lives and even before was the “Voice of Reason” for the world. Now, we are looked upon as manipulative people who only care about our best interest. That, my friends is because we stopped being careful enough to make sure that our country was being represented by our real feelings and desires about how this world should be.

We start wars to secure oil and riches, we degrade our own present and past world leaders in order to make ourselves seem smart, but it actually makes us look foolish…. For years, the Republicans and Democrats have fought tooth and nail for power and nobody has won, but everyone has lost. No longer do other countries envy us for the type of government we have because we don’t have one to be proud of anymore.

Please take note of what is going on now. Are we being led to a better life or led to slaughter? This is not a political statement as I am just as much tired of both parties and their leadership. I am a #1 Child of God #2 Husband, Father and Grandfather #3 An American in that order. We live in a country, for the moment where we are supposedly free. I pray that we can get it back so we know it will stay that way.

What good will an RV do for us if our country is destroyed? President Obama went on an “apology tour” when he first took office apologizing for the way GWB represented the US to other countries. WOW, maybe he needs a refresher course in Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People …. We look much worse today than we did 4 years ago and we have the Republicans who would not vote for anything that might make the democratic leadership look good in any way. How long are we going to take this???

For all that are watching what is going on today, this is just the beginning unless we get a handle on this world again like we always have had. Reagan would have had this taken care of in hours… actually nobody would have dared to assassinate an Ambassador under Reagan nor would anyone threaten any Embassy under Reagan.

We scurry along thinking that Israel is our allies…. not so true and you will learn more as time goes on about this. This has nothing to do with Jewish people…. some of my best friends are of Jewish decent and practicing Orthodox Jews. That is not what is going on. Read your papers and watch as this all unfolds. You are not going to like what you see….

As for the RV, everything is looking very good, very soon. But, until then, hug your kids, visit your relatives and hang out with your friends and neighbors, but above all ….. LOVE GOD and LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR!!!


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