FreewayBill Chat at 3Ss 1-19-12

9:16 AM CST [FreewayBill] Good morning to all…. to clarify the events of last night in my mind, let me just say this… It is my understanding that the actual Good Guys asked us not to put out specific information regarding the RV. This tells me that the information that we put out was indeed tremendously close to being the position we are in…. That said, as an American, I will honor that request… However, that had NOTHING to do with any kind of misinformation and you all know that we have always brought you the best we could find… We are still HERE and will be through all of the processes. We are just tremendously limited to what we can say and cannot say… Is it a gag order? No! It is a request and we will abide by it… Nothing more nothing less… GOD BLESS YOU ALL TODAY and let’s hope to see an RV very soon… Hopefully today….. GIVE FORWARD!

Regardless of what you have heard or read, we are still on this like flies on a summer picnic. Bella, Jonny and everyone else is still working full time to get this figured out minute by minute… Trust that there is no negatives out there and things seem to be moving right along….. That’s it for right now folks… Love out to all…. GOD is the supreme authority on when this arrives as He controls ALL!

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