Generals64 Chat at 3S’s Intel 4-29-12

[generals64] Got a weird call this morning….saying there was an over abundance of Cars at the BOA and Wells Fargo…have you guys heard that also?

[raven1111] generals64 No I haven’t heard that one.

[generals64] raven1111 :…I like to check and verify…I kinda mess up in that some of my old time oversea s Sources and i talked on pm at MIG…Gotta figure that one out.

[generals64] I got my 7th call from the Reno Cash-in guys today….they are persistent I will say that…

shalala] generals64 Have you seen any deposit slips lol

[generals64] shalala :…no yet….lol…

[shalala] generals64 Keep us posted. What is the latest from your banking contacts?

[generals64] shalala :…You do realize that I really know LIVE People and not story tellers right?

[generals64] the banks seem to think this a real investment now…they are not laughing at us and they are ready to take care of us in any way once it RV’s….To me that speaks huge….Also, if you guys are over on MIG ever…Tell em…We ‘ll still take care of em….

[generals64] ArizonaHeat :….The rates will be in the double didigts I think due to Shabibi’s statement of bringing it to it’s Original Glory…the “Original Glory” was $4.79…in 1932:…if you add inflation and extrapolate the number you come up with about $12.60 plus or minus…

generals64] Now, when Shabibi asked for a RV some time back it showed it had a value of $12.41 in his mind. the IMF said No…However now you have the global problems…

ArizonaHeat] generals64 shabibi said they could support that rate, not sure if he would want to hit that rate all at one time, but im not sure. if its a free float, it will make that rate and then some if washigton is correct

[generals64] ArizonaHeat :…If you dig real deep, you’ll see in his reports taht he was condidering all of their assets and projected oil finds…He was also looking at what the last of Kuwait had done…I can’t see them being lower thankuwait ever.

[shalala] generals64 How did you convince the banks to start talking to you about packages and did they give you any indication of their knowledge of this coming soon, i.e. what they know about possible timeframe for preparing for it?

[ [generals64] ArizonaHeat :..All of this has to be played through “Common Sense”. the rate has to come out high enough to handle debts…then a loan through the IMF and the rate drops to a comparable rate…I was told by a Banker in Germany…to look for $6.18 to $6.38 as those were the targeted IMF rates…

[ArizonaHeat] generals64 thats a very resonable rate

[generals64] ArizonaHeat :…We talk with this guy about every 3 weeks…He sits on the board of the IMF and is real….His Son-n=law is a friend of mine…Not supposed to have reall sources are we?

[ArizonaHeat] ubetcha thats me calm and cool, I SAID I WAS CALM AND COOL DANG IT !!!!!!

[lynncool] generals64 so do you see it even being possible to have rates in double didgits

generals64] lynncool :..yes, I can see the 12.50 rate plus or minus…the Whale Cash out people told me $27.00 after I got up off the floor from laughing he got mad and hung up.

[generals64] ArizonaHeat :…hey I’ll give the names and phone numbers…those guys are Scamming people left and right…BWM and i stopped one of his friends minutes before they got on the plane…Oh yeah and Wells Fargo Security said it ain’t happening.

[garfield] generals64 Good afternoon, is your intel pointing to a RV today, thanks

kittykat4fun] IN MY OPINION RATES are overrated and no one really knows anything about a RATE.. and why people worry about them is beyond me… Better to sit back relax and let life happen the way it is supposed to happen…

generals64] kittykat4fun :…Rates are in the minds of the GURUS…they play the numbers game…However, the Rate needs to be established for the Budgetary stuff coming from the World Banks….No one really knows the rate and never will until it is “Clicked” out of the Acquired Balanaces in the Computer….

[shalala] generals64 Did your WF contacts give you any indication of their knowledge of this coming soon, i.e. what they know about possible timeframe for preparing for it?

[generals64] shalala :…They know it is happening and can’t figure out why it hasn’t….

[generals64] stevhens777 :…The best rate is with WF….Promise you that…We have negotiated a percentage above the posted rate….Don’t let any other person tell you any different.

queenmum] generals64 thank you and Studley for working hard on the packages for us

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