Hammerman Nails The Intel 4-5-12

Hammerman………got a call from my guy over there saying they were laughing boarding planes drinking wine. over there.. never got a call like that.. about an hour before that got a call from my normal guy over there.. two of them point blank told me sore subject cannot speak on it.. they had to go south.. the third one told me he would relay the information on the conference.. I told him.. is it going on ,… he said what do you think?? and that’s how he relayed the
conversation.. 5 6:00 central time..

bankers saying there was activity all over the screens.. major league bankers.. major major league bankers across the countries.. saying activities.. saying specifically vietnam and iraq were fluctuating all up and down saying a live loaded cashinable rate but a floating rate $5.22 and $5.28 and until it locks we cant do anything with it .. forex today .. when GB gets on the call. forex has not updated.. it was supposed to upload at 6: 00 and it didnt.. something went on today .. from what i’m hearing first time ever today ..

I AM IN A HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY PLACE after the last 2 days of hearing nothing.. am I calling the RV no I’m not.. but do I think the RV is in an IMMENINENT process.. yes.. I am more propped up than ever in this ..

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