Hammerman Update at GET Forum 8-11-12

8-11-2012 Hammerman Iraq seems to be on super high alert, cant get the details just yet but some big meeting taking place in Kuwait with Maliki and Shabibi and 5 other countries including China and USA.

there again seems to be alot of movement in the banks and screens going crazzy, private wealth mangers calling people, hedge fund guys acquiring more dinar and dong, so great banking stuff going on.

the folks in Reno and Vegas are all pumped up and very happy…they all expect to be at the banks daily and really hyped up about it. i can find nothing bad anywhere…i build from a big puzzle from all intel…think we will not see anything before the 20th, just an opinion.

Hammerman talked to Switzerland forex early this am, they are prepping system for more tests and…the live rate…they are trying to keep the public off guard. they are telling me they expect about about 57 countries to go up in value before oct. they also confirmed to me that they are being told all work is done from all sides. this is great news. [post 2 of 3…stay tuned!]

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