Has Bluwolf Cried Once Too Often? 2-25-13

Max says, “Bluwolf better not be messing with my Dinar peeps! He’s stated more than a few times “we’re on a minute to minute basis”. Hopefully, we’ll know soon enough!”

who cried wolfWhile we wait to exhale, we see some speak of budgets and relate it to the international release. Some relate it to the current U.S. sequester. Some are seeing looking on Tuesday. Some speak of announcements from certain heads of state or of economical bank organization heads.

But seriously all is silent and this is the way it will maintain itself until the banks and brokers receive their emails with the GO.

Thou I must assure you that we are on a minute to minute alert no one can ascertain or interrelate anything with what is to be the international release of all currencies (198), but rest assure that the rates shall be fabulous and that you shall all receive your instructions for your exchange on time.

Be bless all and Happy RV. Bluwolf

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