Historian Transcript at GET Team Chat 8-16-12

GET Team CC – Historian’s comments

Historian: I have a couple of things for you today. I have an e-mail to respond to as well as a couple of links. One with an article, one with a video. Both of which may have been floating around the Dinar world this week. All of which is not interpreted properly.

This is further to discussions I’ve had over last few weeks in particular to the changing in banking and finance system. Something that I expect to see occur at some point.

Question ..… I’m sure the PTB do not plan to lose. This is in reference to saying that the existing system does not want to be removed because they are going to lose a lot of benefits from that. In some way the alteration of the system to change to asset backed currencies must be done in such a way that those in power somehow stay in power , that is has been tried, the switchover from the old system to something else, people have tried to refuse to be part of the existing system and has run into problems.

How can this happen worldwide when the idea has had such an end when tried ? . There must be a struggle much larger than we can image and they will not lose their grip.

Historian: They are going to lose their grip.

Why would I say this when the statement says otherwise? There are a couple of different things. I will stay away from anything that is very controversial. There have been quite a number of events worldwide. These are events with a large international profile. Everyone is very aware of them. When the public sees these events we only think of one thing, but we only have certain knowledge of certain things.

Experts however have a deep knowledge and in various events or various other happenings in the world, in different industries, experts have become very aware that the public story is completely wrong .

That what is being put out there and that people believe and understand could not possibly have occurred or could not possibly be the explanation for it at all. This covers more than one industry and more than one event. What has happened, and in some cases it’s been rather significant, these experts in these fields have said let’s go dig into this because what is being told is a pile of **. We want to know the truth and that’s what they have done.

As a result, in some cases, those folks were among the supporters of the old system and the old regime and they started leaving in droves and saying this is not what we thought was going on. We don’t like this, we don’t support this, we want to do something else. So in essence what you’ve had is the amount of support of the old regime and the old system has declined significantly in the last decade.

That means some of the things that they would be able do today are not the same, nowhere near what they could have achieved in the past and their ability to hold on to things and defend things and has steadily eroded. And more and more so over the last few years, a steady stream exponentially increasing over the last decade.

Historian: The other thing to look at is this. It is a strategy of divide and rule and in the past, those who hold the current financial system, they managed to build it up and maintain control because they were very coordinated among themselves, but the rest of the world was arguing with each other and they were just all different. So that strategy of divide and rule. You divide the enemy you can take them down. Julius Caesar did the same thing to take down the Gauls. One at a time. That’s where that concept comes from.

What’s happened today it has switched around. Those that were like the Gauls that were not working collectively. That has changed. They are working collectively very, very well. The finest example being the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa). Not only are they working well together, they are the engines of the economy worldwide. The BRIC nations stopped sometime ago using the Federal Reserve system and the Federal Reserve dollar. It is not the reserve they use at all.

Some years ago they started writing their contracts directly when they had to do forms of trade. They would just decide the exchange rate between their two currencies and way they would go. Other countries have started joining them. So there are more and more countries that do that. They bypass the Federal Reserve system.

There are other types of infrastructure that I have talked about in previous months that have been built up that show you parts of the system that used to be the old system. That there is a different piece now, that is new that bypasses the old system that other countries can use to interact. So it is kind of the reverse of divide and rule. What’s happened is those folks that were divided have now come together, more and more and more of them. They cannot be defeated. They are simply going themselves to overthrow the old system and that’s what is going to happen because they are the ones who will simply say “we not going to use that.

They have wealth, we are not going to use this old system to exchange our wealth. We are going to create a new system for it”. There are tons of articles out there about the eventual appearance of a new gold backed currency by China. The situation is not the same now as it was fifteen years ago or ten years ago or five years ago and it has been steadily changing. The other thing to understand is that there is a process by which one would change over something as big a global financial system. I will get to that.

Discussion on article concerning the Euro zone….

Europe is the base of the old system. Not the U.S. The U.S. is kind of an add on. The base is also your G-5 countries, which does include the U.S. They are not able to pull themselves out and save it. No matter how much they talk about it. The last count was 19 times they had said they would come up with funding to bailout and they still haven’t. Over and over. They reason why is you can only come up with funding if someone is willing to buy your currency if they are willing to back your investments and the financial instruments you put out. Nobody is backing them.

They can talk all they want as to how they are going to flow all this money into these countries to bail them out, but there is no money because all they’ve got is a paper currency that nobody is willing to accept anymore. There are articles out there in the mainstream talking about how people are walking away from that. On one of the Dinar blogs there was a tweet from Donald Trump stating that “the Euro is going to collapse soon. Cross-border lending is already down and banks are stopping their Euro investments.” Essentially this is the core and the heart of the old regime and it’s going.

CNBC video discussing LIBOR and putting the whole system in a coma….

Historian: The video discussed that the entire LIBOR system is going to be removed and they are going to go to something else. That leads on to “What does it take to do something like that ?”. It is actually not that simple and there are many large pieces of the financial system and they would really need to be removed in individual chunks because they are so complex. So if one is going to remove the old system and start up the new system and then RV into it, some of these things would have to happen.

In this particular case, one of the things that they were talking about in that video and that is why I do not believe they are talking about removing the whole system, but just the portion involving LIBOR, is because they were talking about some of the complexities of doing that from a business perspective. LIBOR involves contracts for investments of some time. They are legal documents. You can’t just throw them out. You need to switch them over to something else that is not going to be removed. So in essence you just all the business portions of this system and just switch them over to something else.

They may have already done that and already have things ready to go for that. In the mainstream media are discussions about criminal charges for various parties. We are talking about a piece of the system that cannot defend itself. They are going to have to find a way to get rid of it. This is a huge amount of dollar volume, but the impact is global. It doesn’t matter where they are located. When that changes everybody goes with it and think that is going to go or they would be talking about it so openly. My thought is that this is going to occur.

I think they are moving well along in terms of removing things. I don’t think we can predict in terms of when will they have removed enough of the system and we are ready to go. I don’t think they are necessarily going to tell us. They need to tell us enough just to be completely on side and say just get rid of this thing and give us something that works.

Do I think that the banking system will change over ?
Yes, I do.

Do I think it is going to have to change over in order for us to have an RV ?

I think it does. I don’t think that was the original intent. In fact some of the kinds of information I get behind the scenes indicated quite some time ago that that was not the original intent. That there were actually agreements involving the old regime and the old system that things would happen in a coordinated way. That’s why as far back as several years ago people were expecting the RV to occur because the RV back then, I do not believe, required the changeover of the financial systems.

What I think happened is that people reneged on their deals and the reneged over and over again and continued to obstruct when the RV was attempted. People realized this cannot be RV’ed without removing this system and these folks and as more and more of the corruption is pulled out you simply don’t want to RV all that wealth into a system like that. So I believe the two are going to happen very close to each other.

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