Hot Dogs On The Bank Screens Any Moment 8-8-13

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[FLPatriot59] Tony: good morning, guys. Short call this morning. It’s Thursday morning, 8/8. I have some updates and we’ll talk about some crazy stuff as well.

[T – thanks to MtnGoat – an excellent post in detail. Even though this was supposed to be a plan for GB and the US, it became a world recovery plan. The master plan has changed

T – Back in April when we thought this would go at time O wanted countries to pay back their debt to the USA and was written in at the last moment. He wanted the same thing as everyone wanted – paid in IQD. Didn’t know if it was pre- or -post RV.

T – more and more confirmations that cards are activated and the systems are a go. Nothing is holding back. Per calls received at 4AM this morning, people are happy, shopping in malls, no protesting in sight; they are not sure why we have not received ours yet.

T – at the NC bank no more arrests made, security in place till 11PM last night.

T – we received an actual Qi-Card photo we received that is being used over there. we can see the number, the exp date (8/24/15), will post this in our Forum today. They were told is loaded with the NEW money and they can spend it today.

T – I don’t know why others are saying they can’t see the cards “live” when so many are telling us they are.

T – I think you guys should know everything. I think you’re smart enough to make decisions when you get in there. I’m telling you this because of the stuff out there about the groups. You’re not getting all the info because it works better. Some people out there don’t think you need to know until you walk in at the desk. I don’t agree.

T – someone was concerned about the 2-minute phone call to set up appointment, 20-minute for appointment, setup another appt for wealth manager, etc. That scared a lot of people. But this is what I’ve been told how they have been trained to handle this process.

T – The brokers and everybody else out there are not there to work for you. They need to make money for the bank or lose their job. You did not hire them, the bank hired them. They are like car salesmen – they are hired to sell you products. Why they think you cannot deal with that is beyond me.

T – I am going to let you know where the tiers are before you go to the bank. I can’t release this unti the RV. The banks are ALWAYS going to make money and I want you to be armed with info. I have nothing to hide. I want you to get the best rate.

T – They wouldn’t be giving me this info if they didn’t want me to tell you.

[FLPatriot59] **Q&A STARTING**

C – have you and Okie spoken about the intel? T – no, you want me to call him right now? We talk about stuff, mainly to get the right info out there. We hear different info, sometimes we hear the same info.

C – have you read MtnGoat and what do you think? T – it is excellent and gave good background info in depth. If we took you guys back to the beginning most of you wouldn’t want to hear it and wouldn’t believe it.

C – You’ve always predicted when we go to the final marker there would be a lot of smoke and confusion. That’s kind of a clue we’re here. What about the texts about the whales CE’ing in Reno at 4AM yesterday? T – don’t know about that. We heard about congressman cashed in his SKR in Switzerland – only 1 I heard – but no one else I’ve heard about.

C – did research on the internet and there wasn’t technically an RV in Kuwait? T – they went thru an RI – reinstatement of their rate. You have to remember that was 1 country. This is different because it’s over 100 countries but they used that as a model for this one. Things changed: O changed the rules, arab spring, etc. that changed everything mid-stream.

[buckwheat] Tony’s call today 8-8 before the Q&A – 13 minutes –

C – It appears that Travelex may have pulled the VND from their sites and they’re not answering the phone. T – I heard the same thing. My understand is that no one wants to get caught in the middle of a transaction.

C – MtnGoat said a minimum of 10 days, which would be Saturday. Your thoughts? T – I don’t know if they’ll wait the full 10-days like Kuwait. They (banks) were called in this morning again. They were told absolutely it would happen yesterday, that came and went and they were depressed. Everything was resolved yesterday and they are ready again for today.

T – O wanted agreements from countries to repay their debts and pay back the loans. That was resolved yesterday.

C – Last call you said Falujah was bad. Is it any better and would they experience a different rate? T – I heard this morning it has calmed down significantly. I don’t think they’ll see a different rate and will probably see it today there.

C – yesterday someone mentioned that Iraq would prefer the LD’s back, but not the 25K notes. T – they may not want them back but they’re going to get them back.

C – Is the 11% tax in addition to or in place of the tax that will be owed? T – My understanding is that it is in place of – per their agreement.

C – Dinar Trade never sent out receipts with orders. Will that be a problem with the IRS? T – I don’t think so if you have your cancelled checks.

C – Have there been any changes pertaining to Dinar Banker/Sterling how they will pay us at exchange? T – no changes per Frank. Their dinars will go back to the CBI, not the UST.

T – why do you care what he does with it after he cashes you out?

C – I heard today that dealers will now have to turn in their dinars to the UST. T – they may have to if that changes. That is okay because they’ll get a better deal.

T -if the rules change and they can no longer ship currency outside the country, the UST has to give them an avenue to finance it. Then the UST will have to finance it.

C – on this 11% deal could it be that the rate comes out at $21 but they offer you $18 to cover the 11%? T – yes, that is what I’ve heard. you won’t even know the 11% was taken out. You need to look before you leap.

C – regarding the 30 days to exchange, does that apply to keeping the LDs? T – no, only applies to the 3-zero notes. The plan is for the rates to never be as high as it will be in the 1st 30 days. I don’t understand why anyone would hold it.

C – regarding the 30 days to exchange, does that apply to keeping the LDs? T – no, only applies to the 3-zero notes. The plan is for the rates to never be as high as it will be in the 1st 30 days. I don’t understand why anyone would hold it.

C – Does Ramadan have anything to do with this? T – it is over today and I’ve been told it had nothing to do with it. They were told they would have the best Ramadan ever. They were told they’d have the best holiday and it’s happening. But did it also include holding up the rest of the world?

[buckwheat] Tony’s call today – 43 minutes –

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