Iraqi Dinar RV Chatter 7-24-13


GHOST: 11:32 PM [minileopardlady] alamoranches Just listened to Frank26’s call and Eagle1’s intel report. Eagle1 texted Bluestar this report –

(Bluestar) 6:36pm Secret Service eye-witnessed Dr Shabibi signing the release of the rate and the date. Dr Shabibi transmitted the info to Ban Ki Moon at the UN.

Eyewitnesses saw Ban Ki Moon signing off on the same paperwork and transmitted it to the director of Forex.

Director of Forex was then given permission to push the button.

Administration has numbers already. Mainstream media reporting Iraq given permission to ring the opening bell tomorrow (bluestar can’t confirm that)

They believe the CBI will release the rate tonite between 2am and 4am with the Forex to follow immediatley to show UN operational rates of exchange.

Might be in the banks tomorrow but most likely Thursday!! We believe we are there finally!

Bluestar also has another itemized report saying pretty much the same thing.


[pianamama63] lgtennis Do u think we will have a RV tomorrow?

[lgtennis] Yes yes yes

[RAJAF] This is interesting. Complete wipeout of all debt coming! Bix Weir. According to Bix all debt including mortgages will be wiped clean… .

Paradise] Awifs OKIE IN THE AIR: Okie posted and he is awaiting final approach. Says could be late late night into wee hours of morning. Between that, TK, and Eagle 1 report, we are finally there. Iraq to ring the opening bell at the stock exchange which I believe is 8:30 central time. Don’t know whether they will televise it or not. It was told on MSM however.

Apollo] Tomorrow may set off the Global reset and Rebalance. This is good! Many indicators!!

[CountryGirl59] ♥ Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense. Ralph Waldo Emerson ♥



[ladysarah] Ghost … Ok all got a call few minutes ago telling me 3 am we are or may see movement i dont think it will happen then i think they are going to announce in the am bell ringing but who knows it would make sense to do it when cbi opens

[brandonbjn] lgtennis how are you truley feeling about it this time haha ?

[lgtennis] i am over the moonnnnnn

[noah] lgtennis now is you excited?

[Gullwing] lgtennis guess that answers my question !!! lol

[lgtennis] we are witnessing history

[lgtennis] . Okie is landing my friend. All intel including tony is confirming it.



[DiddyKong] Ok, I’m going to put this out there just in case there are still some no-Republic believers out there. I’m going to take this from the perspective of a major player in this process, China. There are many other countries included, but I’m going to do China’s.

[DiddyKong] China-US Import/Export agreements, arrangements, and deals. Bottom line, we need them, they need us. Supply and demand… these are the basics people.

[DiddyKong] Our enormous debt has seriously burned China. Not only because we can’t pay them back, but because the demand of consumer goods from them has decreased. WE ARE ALL BROKE! Duh, right?

[DiddyKong] Oil credits, why would China need that? Are they greedy? Seriously…. They have been getting the shaft and this has been orchestrated by who? The Federal Reserve!

[DiddyKong] Where does the Republic come in? It’s not all about the money and then yes, it is all about the money.

[DiddyKong] Would you seriously think that China and any other country for that matter would want to see this RV/GCR to occur, receive an initial boost to their economy, only to be back in this crap hole again in 3 years?

[DiddyKong] China and everyone else in the world be darned if they are dictated by some money manipulators every again!!!

[DiddyKong] Take the central banking power and give it to the UST…. HELLO!

[DiddyKong] IMF IMF IMF!!! The people who strive to see every country balanced financially for the future. If this was just about Iraq getting to the $3+ rate before sanctions were placed on them, it would have already been done with a message that would’ve said,

[DiddyKong] “Now don’t be bad again or we will come back with more bombs!”

[DiddyKong] This is not about thinking outside of some box, but answers to why it has taken so long, why all these countries getting involved in what many thought was such a simple ordeal, and for Pete’s sake WHY CHINA IS GONNA GIVE US A LARGER RATE WITH WF!

[DiddyKong] Simply put, if no one cared, the minute Saddam would’ve been replaced, things would’ve been right as rain with Iraq and their rate and we wouldn’t have had the time to invest in this thing!

[DiddyKong] Done!!!

[alin] DiddyKong, I agree. The US bankers have screwed Zimbabwe, Ughanda, Egypt, and other countries. They messed with China not knowing that it will come back to bite them. Is it any wonder that Putin has arrest warrants for Soros and Rothschilds?

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